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WARNING: the following story isn't finished and may not be for a while. Also I had little time to edit, so beware of my mistakes. I never thought my life would change. Day in and day out, the same thing. I'd go to work and sit there in my own comfortable rolling chair. Like a good little monkey I would concentrate on mindless forms and listen to the "personnel manager" tell me the purpose of life. This was my life. Then it ended. I remember when I was twelve my grandpa died in his sleep. I remember the word he wrote on his note pad. The word was burned into my skull. It was the only thing i remembered as the sun crashed into the earth. I rammed my head against it and i bled from my eyes as the word became my only purpose. STARCRADLE My eyes opened. Small talk came from the corner of my mind. "Where did he come from" "I don't know, sir, he just was there wen I turned me head" I was laying down on the floor, which was cold and metallic. A woman was standing to my side. I couldn't see her face, but her hair was short and black. Close to the woman was a small man with gray skin and a face like a turtle. I slowly sat up and spoke. "mmmuuammrrrrggg" For some reason my mouth wasn't working to well. I tried again "Wwwware....mmmmm ay" The woman turned to me, and I could see her face now. She had eyes that were as dark as her hair. While she was fairly attractive, she was also stern and cold. "You are on the Bryer, my unwanted guest, and I am its captain." The captain said as she raised a revolver from her side. "Who might you be, and why you be on my ship" "Ship? You mean like a boat?" I questioned " A boat lad? Ha." She laughed "No, a star ship" I turned his head to the round window. Outside was a black void speckled with white points that were distant yet familure. . I stood up slowly. "What kind of starship?" She briefly remarked with a grin and a glimmer in her eyes, "Why lad we are pirates." "Oh." I said. The Captain turned away from me and headed down the corridor directly in front of me. "Follow me..... um," she turned on her foot and grabbed her chin, "what be yer name lad." "uhh Kane, Kane Differ." I answered. "Right," she said, "and mine is Rose Bridge." "Oh I get it, like Bryer Rose." "Yes you and the ships dog" Rose said with a displeasing tone. The Captain continued, "And down this hall, the first door to the left, is where you be staying" I stopped, "I don't understand" "Excuse me?" "Even where I come from pirates arn't known for their hospitality" "And where do you come from, planet I mean?" she asked glaring me in the eye. "Earth" "Species?" "What?" "What species are ye?" "Human, wait you aren't?" "No lad, I ain't. You see I've been to many worlds, many planets. In fact their is but one whose soil I've not touched with me boots. Earth, lad, the only restricted planet in the universe. The only rock that has not been terra formed." I looked down at the floor, wondering if I had anything to miss from there. " that where we're going." I muttered. She turned around and continued down the hall. "No, we are heading ExAr, to the State planet." Rose spoke sharply. "You see, my valuable guest, you're quite the wanted individual. Since Earth is the mathematical origin of our universe, they would like to hear more about it, and you happen to be the only person that's been there."

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