The in-between

Poem written by aSin on Friday 12, August 2016

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Along this road of life we all travel and come across certain moments that can never be replicated... for me these moments are known as the in-between.

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These in-between lines, These in-between places, The in-between times shared with many faces, The in-between loves and losses we all shared, The in-between moments lost in a lovers stare. The in-between words spoken in hushed tones, The in-between chances we take for the unknown. The in-between heartache we have all once felt, The in-between sadness we are sure to be dealt. The in-between spaces where we find ourselves lost, The in-between challenges; a piece of our soul it would cost. The in-between tears shed all alone, For the in-between moments that will never be cloned.

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    The in-between times shared with may faces- did you mean many?
    This good. It's sounds more like lyrics than prose.
    You're right about the use of the word "many"... Thanks for pointing it out to me...and thanks for the positive feedback
    Very nice, and very true.