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Prose written by Demonic on Sunday 10, July 2016

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From 2014

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If I was able to fake everything about myself, Would you prefer the paper cut out smile over the real thing? Would you prefer me to not be real, To pour myself a glass of your lemonade Just so you're happy with me? There are times when the memories of our friendship make me want to tell you how I feel but I know you'll just judge me anyway. "You've changed," "you're not the same," "it's the new friends you have made," the excuses are real only to you. Would you prefer me to live a life of solitude? To devote myself only to you and what you believe is the truth? Would you prefer if I had no ambitions? No goals, No future but the one sat behind the computer screen Faking a smile just to make you love me? Would you prefer a fake laugh over the real thing? What would you prefer?

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    Oh, very good. I like this!