I Have Known

Poem written by Jake on Saturday 11, November 2006

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A sappy poem, for you folks. My first submission.

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I have known a sunset smile, Her gift it was to me, Dancing souls in dying light Holding hands against the night Free from fear, guilt, or guile, Lost in time; meant to be I have known vermillion lips, She placed hers upon mine, Echoed shudders 'neath starry sky Our passion leapt and dared to fly A kiss, that kiss, like crimson bliss, Heady free-fall; scarlet shine I have known the truest love: A smile, a kiss, a girl, With hearts that raced to catch the dawn I whispered, "Dear, we two are one." Eternal hope gave fate a shove, Forever fleeting, now made whole

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    lovely lovely rhythm, beautifully composed
    very nice.. capitalization is overratedSmile