To jack Dawson and Juneau

Critical Review written by kt6550 on Saturday 4, June 2016

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Okay, guys, I didn't mean to start a fist fight here. That was not my intent. Jack, you put two very short essays out there expressing your point of view. That is acceptable. Juneau reacted to one, and reacted in what I felt was an offensive and needless manner. I felt he could have better expressed his opinion if he had cooled down and taken the time to phrase his comment in a better manner. I sent him an PM, requesting that he do so or I would delete his comment. Now, you have to understand something, Jack. When you put something out here, some people may disagree with it. They have that right. What they do not have is the right to use profanity or be abusive. I have had a number of my writings where errors have been pointed out, questions raised, etc. I never took offence because those comments were not abusive, they were constructive. And that is how I responded to them, correcting the errors that were pointed out. If you place an opinion in your writing, be it political, historical, a movie or book review, or whatever, you are going to get some disagreement. That is acceptable. As I said, abuse and vulgarity are not acceptable. If you cannot accept someone who has a different point of view and expressing their point of view, do not post you writing. Do come back, Jack, and post more of your writing. But be in the correct frame of mind to deal with the consequences. Juneau, please be somewhat more careful with your reactions. There. You have the apology of an old man who believes, most fervently, in freedom of speech. And writing as well. But he also believes that freedom of speech need not be harsh, abusive, or vulgar, but rather can be a beneficial source of information exchange. Please keep that in mind.

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    Well if you want to welcome that sort of hate-speech trash as okay KT that's your decision. Doesn't really give off a welcoming feeling to any potential writers of colour on this website. If there are any? And frankly this sort of response tells me I shouldn't be surprised if I don't find any. I'm all for freedom of speech and choice, people are free to say and do what they will but they are obligated to face the repercussions of what they say or do. And when you say something like that in a crowed room someone's going to tell you to f off, I don't feel it should be any different here.

    My comments were what they were and I wish they were still posted so people can read it and judge for themselves. I wasn't all that heated or emotional at the time. Swearing and cussing is just how I was brought up and come natural when I'm not intentional censoring myself. I won't swear next time since swearing makes me the bad guy in your eyes but if I see any nazi, confederate, white supremacist trash posted on here. I'm going to leave a comment that embarrasses them so much that they delete their post. I can do it without swearing.

    I'm going to start removing any link to this website I have on other sites to showcase my writing here since I don't want anyone to associate my work with a pro white-supremacy website.
    Sorry to see you go, Juneau. I really am. Just in case you are interested, I tended to agree with the overall message of your comment. It was just the way the comment was expressed that disturbed me.

    I don't think Jack will read this. I don't think he will bother. My comment on his writing was that he was touching on a sensitive issue, on which volumes have been researched and written, and trying to condense it into a few paragraphs. He was destined to fail, and fail in a big way.

    As for us being a pro-white website, I think you are wrong there. I served in Vietnam, and I served with a lot of black Americans. And all of us, Black, Latino, and White, bled and died in that useless and pointless conflict.

    Let me leave you with a thought my Master Sergeant, when I was in Airborne school, used to say: "A man or woman who resorts to profanity lacks the intelligence and integrity to select the proper language." Oh, and he was Black, and what he taught me helped keep me alive.
    You're decision to welcome him ask for him back gives off the tone of being pro white supremacy. If you wanna edit and help him prefect his white supremacist hate speeches I can't stop you.

    You don't have to insult my intelligence because I choose to swear. There's been studies to show people who swear often are more likely to be more straightforward and honest. It's releases pain to a small degree and actually, believe it or not, enhances your vocabulary. Cuss words can be very descriptive language. It's just a myth that people who swear have low intelligence. Sorry to hear you Master Sergeant was so closed minded though but those types do well in the army.
    You're too nice KT. I mean that.
    I didn't delete my post because you embarrassed me Juneau. I deleted my post because I expected my account to get deleted by Don Roble or someone. I don't want my stuff on here if I can't get back to it.
    You've deleted pretty much everything you've posted so far, which is great. Thank you. But come on, really? You really must be delusional. You deleted the majority of things before Don even threatened to remove anything. The evidence is right there in the shout box. You deleted those posts right before you deleted your half of our little argument. You're a coward Jack and yes you are embarrassed of the things you say here. I know you are, why wouldn't you just let Don see it and judge your character for himself then if you weren't embarrassed of how it makes you look?

    I didn't say I was leaving either. I just won't post as much, and I said I'm taking down links to this site that I've put on other social media sites to bring people here. I just don't want anyone I'm introducing my work to to see I'm a member of a site that thinks that type of writing is acceptable. That's all.
    Jack Dawson: I never saw your post and you deleted it before I said anything. My statement was a standard statement I would give anyone. We have administrators for a reason. If writers would use us instead of fighting we'd be better off and wouldn't have to take action so abruptly.
    Why is this website not pro-white? Is there something wrong with white people?
    The submissions have been basically flooded with opinion pieces and they don't exactly read as welcoming to anyone visiting for the first time or for returning members.

    Is there any rule against spamming the submissions or pointless opinion pieces?
    This is an unusual thing here. it is being dealt with. Opinion pieces are fine as long as they don't cross over into hate, racism and the like. Bear in mind that a disagreement isn't hate. If this was to become a phone "safe zone" I wouldn't be here.