To jack Dawson and Juneau

Critical Review written by kt6550 on Saturday 4, June 2016

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Putting out a fire

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Okay, guys, I didn't mean to start a fist fight here. That was not my intent. Jack, you put two very short essays out there expressing your point of view. That is acceptable. Juneau reacted to one, and reacted in what I felt was an offensive and needless manner. I felt he could have better expressed his opinion if he had cooled down and taken the time to phrase his comment in a better manner. I sent him an PM, requesting that he do so or I would delete his comment. Now, you have to understand something, Jack. When you put something out here, some people may disagree with it. They have that right. What they do not have is the right to use profanity or be abusive. I have had a number of my writings where errors have been pointed out, questions raised, etc. I never took offence because those comments were not abusive, they were constructive. And that is how I responded to them, correcting the errors that were pointed out. If you place an opinion in your writing, be it political, historical, a movie or book review, or whatever, you are going to get some disagreement. That is acceptable. As I said, abuse and vulgarity are not acceptable. If you cannot accept someone who has a different point of view and expressing their point of view, do not post you writing. Do come back, Jack, and post more of your writing. But be in the correct frame of mind to deal with the consequences. Juneau, please be somewhat more careful with your reactions. There. You have the apology of an old man who believes, most fervently, in freedom of speech. And writing as well. But he also believes that freedom of speech need not be harsh, abusive, or vulgar, but rather can be a beneficial source of information exchange. Please keep that in mind.

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    I'm of the opinion that such pieces are better suited to other sites. There's not many places an amatuer writer can post his work to get such valuable feedback and pointers. Conversely there's a multitude of sites where someone can post their opinion and debate its merits.
    I don't understand " I sent him an PM "