Teardrops In The Champagne

Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 13, April 2016

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This is a sad rhyme about remembering the passing of a loved one.

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Teardrops In The Champagne Our place that we first met, Has closed and is no more. I enter what was left of it, Stepping through its shattered door. As I gaze upon the dust covered tables, And the paint peeling off the walls. I remember the day you proposed to me, And other memories that recalls. Now here I stand in the darkened gloom; I know not what to do. Those feelings of sorrow within this old heart, My love, I so miss you. Out of a window, I look and gaze, To watch the pouring rain. I lift a glass in my wrinkled hand Sending teardrops in the Champagne.

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    I'm of an age that this strikes closer and closer. Very nicely put.
    Like all of your poetry, Pirate, succint and very much to the point. Lovely work.