Poem written by Madhatter on Saturday 20, February 2016

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constant foe.

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I never know when it will come. No flash of light or sign that says, brace yourself! Embrace yourself A moment of laughter turns to silence. A simple task turns into paralysis. And the chest My chest... feels as though it will collapse It comes too quickly and the thoughts My thoughts... Over power everything colorful, what's left is hazy shadows, focus blurred And it feels I feel... There is no escape, no cure from the heaviness of soul." Why do you feel that way?" They ask I ask but there is no answer, no thought, no reason I can give. I never know when it will come, no flash of light no sign that says, Brace yourself Embrace yourself Embrace... Embrace... Yourself.

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    That was incredible! Incredible is a word I have never used to describe a piece I have read on this site but that piece spoke to me.

    I am a long sufferer of panic/anxiety attacks this piece may have had nothing to do with panic but that is what I took from it, word for word it nailed the description better than I have ever been able to do myself.

    I felt I have lived every word of this piece it was an incredible experience to read. Fantastic job
    I liked this a lot. It was written very well. I love the concept. People don't always know why they feel the way they do and don't have a good answer.
    Very good. Nuff said.
    Just beautiful.