Snow White: The Evil Queen (Part 2)

Story written by Blood_Black_Rose on Sunday 14, February %11

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A Twist on an old tale. How I think it should have been written.

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Part 2 That night the seven little men went to the castle and found the princess asleep in her bed. They bound her legs and arms with rope and stuffed her mouth with grass. Then they carried her over their heads in a straight line and disappeared into the forest. Once in the forest, they put the princess down and cut all her ties. The princess sat in shock as she spat the grass out of her mouth. Thinking they were safe the seven little men got into a huddle and started to plan out how to turn this horrible child into a proper princess, but when they turned to check on their guest, they found she was gone....... Snow White ran as fast and as quietly as possible. Before she took off she saw that each little man had a pointed hat on like a gnome but each of them had a number on it. One through to seven. Maybe their mother couldn't think of names so just numbered them instead. She shook her head, this was no time to be thinking such things. She had to find a safe place to hide and then tomorrow the hunt would begin. A prince had been watching on a large hill nearby upon his large black noble beast. He had watched as seven little men carried a young woman the size of a child though the forest but once their backs were turned she took off like a fox with a hound on her tail. He smirked and watched as the seven men started their search for their escapee. He wanted to laugh out loud but thought it would be more fun to watch them waste their time as they were searching in all the wrong places. Once the prince was bored of watching the seven little men, he turned his steed around and trotted off home. Snow White was just drifting off to sleep in her makeshift hiding spot in the hollow of a huge tree, when she heard shuffling close by. By instinct Snow White grabbed the nearest object she could find which turned out to be a large rock with a jagged edge. Once the thing making the sounds got closer, she took a swing and the rock connected with cracking force that ran shivers up her arm. When she pulled the rock back, she found it was covered in warm blood. Then she heard a groan then a thud and then the forest was silent once again. Daring a peek out of the hollow tree she found the limp body of the 3 rd little man. One down and six more to go was the last thing she thought as she drifted back to sleep, still clutching the rock. Loud thumping roused the sleeping princess. Once she opened her eyes she was shocked to find a large man with his foot resting on the dead little man, while still clapping. "Bravo" exclaimed the stranger as he looked over the body. Snow White gripped her rock harder and left the safety of her tree. "What do you want?" Asked the princess fairly rudely. The stranger held up his hands, "No need for the rock sweetheart, for I can see you are quiet dangerous with it." answered the stranger. Again the princess asked her question and this time the stranger answered her. "I am the prince of yonder kingdom, seeking a bride proud and true. With how you have killed this man without a second thought, I would like to take you as mine." the prince proclaimed. The princess was shocked. "why would I go with you? I know nothing of you." Snow White said putting the rock before her. The prince was stumped. She had a point. Then he had a thought which he spoke aloud. "How about a little contest?" the prince asked smugly. "Speak and I will listen but no guarantee I will partake in your contest" replied Snow White. The prince nodded his understanding. "These little men-he kicked the dead one- took you by force, I saw, now hunt you and you have taken one out already. I suggest we have a contest on who can take out the most." said the prince. Snow White thought for a moment then started to nod. "What of the prizes for the winner?" she asked ever sweetly. "How about if you win, I will return you to your castle and not speak of this ever again... but if I win, I get to take you as my bride. Are these acceptable to you, my fair lady?" the prince replied. The princess nodded, "I agree to your challenge and accept the prizes, shall we begin?" with that said, Snow White took off deeper into the forest leaving the prince behind.

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  • An interesting turn in the story.

    You have some punctuation errors you need to fix.
    - February 21 2016 19:20:26