The Messagers Day #2

Story written by MzRainbow on Sunday 22, November %17

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con'd from the messagers

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Lexi's Blog Day #2. August Thursday, 23 2014 Hello, my wonderful, Blog Readers! I woke up the next morning feeling, what almost could be considered wonderful. If it wasn't for this huge headache I had. I looked around myself to see if anyone else was, awake as well. From what I could tell no one was even around the campfire, which was just a bunch of ashes now. I looked around trying to see what I recognized. Which was, by the way, nothing the land was completely alien to me. Nothing looked familiar at all. I got up and started walking towards the forest at the end of the beach. Found the most interesting tracks and well let's face it. Not even possible. They were tracks of a Compsognathus. If you have ever seen any Jurassic era movies, that is a very small dinosaur that has been extinct for quite a while. I mean my mind had to be playing tricks on me. I mean they are even.. How are they even.. So perfectly.. But how? You can probably understand my confusion and well I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited by this. I mean this is an archeological break though! So many emotions and thoughts ran through my mind. My thoughts were interrupted by a noise in the bushes, Curiosity filled me like poison from a snake's bite. Of course my body was telling me to run but I stayed. Over taken by my curiosity, walked towards the bushes where the noise had came from. What could it possibly be?

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  • Well, you have come back. Welcome back! Good to have you on board. As you can see, I am still here. As the Den gets grayer, so do I!

    "Curiosity filled me like poison from a snake's bite." - What a marvelous sentence you have here. Keep going with this.
    - November 23 2015 16:47:30
    • Thank you kt! I hope you are doing well!
      - May 02 2022 14:38:37