Rat And Cat Finale Verse Options

Limerick written by pirate60 on Thursday 19, November 2015

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I'm looking to add a better finale stanza to the original.

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Rat And Cat finale verse options #1 Once again, with quite the grin, Rat and Cat did play And off they ran, past Sam I. Am, Oh what a wonderful day. #2 Once more too play, on this sunny day, Oh what a wonderful day. #3 So Rat and Cat, took off at that, And continued with their run. Dashing here and there, without a care, This run of theirs, such fun. #4 With a smile the Rat, rejoined the Cat, To continue with their run. Dashing here and there, with little care, To fill this day with fun.

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    All are pretty good, Pirate. Pick which one you like best.
    They are all good but #4 stands out a little better.
    I liked the first one best. #2 seemed to have a word (too) that was supposed to be two or to. I'm not sure.