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Lexi's Blog August Tuesday, 21 2014, Dear Blog Readers, Summer is nearing an end, last year of college was just around the corner. I can't believe the outcome these past few days, although it seemed to be worthless bits of information. My journey continues on. I am currently on a plane coming home. I was sent away to Europe cause they didn't want to deal with their parenting responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a great deal. Although it seems like ages ago since I have been home, I am happy to be heading home now. As I type to you, a storm is rolling its' way in, the cloud came like angry horses racing to the finish line. The plane is shaking and rolls uncontrollably. Which is making me feel a bit sick to my stomach, I hear the pilot's voice ring through the five-seater plane I am on. The pilot said and I quote! "Everything is going to be fine, Please put on your belts until the storm passes." The storm is only getting worse, I fear this storm will force us to land. Before my eyes, we are heading for land and sea. As the pilot, tries to land the plane I fear for the worse. I must go now my friends......... ------------------------------------ Loading Please Wait.......---------------------------- ------------------------------------ Your Blog Has Been Posted..----------------------- Everything went black. ------------------------------------- 1 Hour Past.....------------------------------------------ Philp's Blog August Tuesday, 21 2014, Dear Writers And Friends, Let's Continue The Strange Mistresses Story She felt something wet splashing angst her face. Joy filled her heart, how is she alive! As soon as the thought crossed her mind. Pain sharpen in her head and left side. She cried a little to herself, she could hear voice talking amongst her. A female spoke. "God bless the earth she's alive! The poor girl is alive!" She opened her eyes, slowly to a warm beachside, the scent of sea water filled the air. She knew we had clearly landed in the sea then made refuge on the landscape. She could make out what was left the plane. Struggling to keep her eyes open. She drifted back to a slumber. The Male spoke. "We are losing her, someone, anyone.... have any knowledge of medication! A doctor, A nurse, anything?" ------------------------ A couple hours past---------------------------------------- At last The fair maiden woke to the campfire's glow, burning deep amber and gold next to this beauty. Her soften fair skin, wondrous midnight hair, and soften body curves. What made her so unmistakenly beautiful was her smile and amber eyes. She awoke with.. Oh sorry, the readers I must go now! ------------------------------------ Loading Please Wait.......---------------------------- ------------------------------------ Your Blog Has Been Posted..----------------------- Lexi's blog Updated from this last time. August Weds. 22 2014, Dear Readers, Three of the seven people from the plane were staring at me with concern but one was staring at me with wonder. Quite honestly it freaked me out, I have read about people like him. I can tell you now he is going to be a problem. All the people, well I guess passengers from the plane. Wait there is another a fourth man. He isn't from the plane. He actually really attractive and mysterious. Well he definitely works out, I am searching my brain for vocal words. What.. wha... what happened.? That's all I could say. I searched my brain again for more words. I came up with nothing. The female spoke to me. I quote. "Don't you worry your pretty little mind, you're lucky to even be alive" Like the hell does that mean. She pretty rude if you ask me, pretty little head. This woman was no older than myself by twenty years at least. Age hadn't been to nice to her either. "Just go back to sleep." This time, she said with less edge and rudeness in her voice. before I found sleep all I heard was where on earth are we? Don't worry my friends and readers I am fine. I couple bumps and bruises but I am healing. Nothing too serious and to be worried about.

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  • You know who I am,
    Fool me once jokes' on me
    Fool me twice I am a fool
    Fool me three times you are a fool.

    Good to be back lates!
    I hope my writing as improved since the last time!
    - November 17 2015 22:05:25
    • Wow! You've made great strides if I may say. There are a couple grammatical issues in this writing but only a couple. You've always written good story but your grammar and structure have improved greatly. Well done!
      - November 20 2015 15:31:56
      • This is pretty interesting. It is obvious that English is not your first language, but you have done a good job.

        You could continue with this. You could continue building and develop your characters. Why not give it a try?
        - November 20 2015 16:11:32
        • Nexus! Omg I am surprised you remember me xD! It's Mzhyper! My tutor and I, are working on punctuation and spelling now. Makes me feel wonderful knowing people have notice my progress! XD
          - November 22 2015 17:17:20
          • Hey! I noticed too. LOL Seriously Megz, you sure have come a long ways.
            - November 23 2015 17:27:24