Rat And Cat

Limerick written by pirate60 on Monday 16, November 2015

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A children's rhyme

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The Rat And Cat Jack Sprat"s cat, it chased a rat, For the rat had taken the cheese. While little Jack Horner rode his bike to the corner, Where he fell and scraped both knees. Past Jack ran the rat, followed closely by the cat, The cat and rat ran on. They left in a flash, or maybe a dash, By Horner they were thus bygone. Then along came Mary with nary a carry, Saw the rat and cat run by. She sat down beside her a pitcher of cider, And thus began to cry. Cat and rat kept on going, neither seemed to be slowing, For the chase had turned to fun. They left Mary"s place in a quickening pace, For them it was more fun to run. On a near by hill ran Jack and Jill, two lovers to share a kiss. The two embraced in that quaint little place, to talk and reminisce. For the cat and the rat they cared not to chat, so left the lovers on the hill. They ran down to the stream in their eyes a gleam, hit the pail and made it spill. Little Peter Piper, tossed off his wet diaper, And ran out to the woods to play. With a breeze on his wily, though he felt somewhat silly, Cried out "˜What a wonderful day." Both cat and rat had to laugh at that, For Peter didn"t see his mother. She snuck up on the tot and gave him a swat, And for good measures she gave him another. There was a young fella looking for Cindy Rella, For he wanted to take her to the ball. Though he looked high and low Cindy was a no show, So he went home to his bed to sprawl. The chase it did end, for the rat did descend, In his hole and to his rat mother. The race was now done, and a most vigorous one, If he could he"d like another. The mother looked at him; on her face it looked grim, And this is what she said. "I see only the cheese so if you would please, Run out and get too some bread."

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    Many will remember this before my work was wiped out during that server crash. I was going through some of my work and ran across this again. I chuckled and decided to re-post it and see what the newer members think of it.
    lol I remember this. Very entertaining.
    LOL I knew you would KT. Anyways I'm getting ready to add a better finishing stanza and will be posting them separate from this original. Hope to get some feed back on which is better or even some other ideas.