A moment from the past.

Poem written by aSin on Thursday 17, September 2015

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Our society has grown absolutely relationship crazed. If you aren't with someone or aren't sleeping with someone, you are outdated. To this I would strongly disagree, a moment of the past, of relationships gone is what I would like for me.

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Where has the time gone, Why did it all end? The days when a relationship began with us as friends? Remember those moments that made your heart flutter? Those moments when no words could be found so all you could do was stutter. Gone are the days of the written word, how splendid it used to be. The arrival of a poem, letter, love note each would bring so much glee. Now times have turned instead of paper i'm left with a screen. Each time my phone buzzes off it makes me want to scream. The subtly of seeing the words written on parchment, The way I could see how you formed each letter with your pen, Oh how I would love to be at that time again. Let's not even start on the way a young man would approach a lady today, The word's they used and way they moved, Oh how appalled I am to say. There's no such thing as courting anymore, And gone is the time of waiting. Now everyone jump's into bed and they all call it dating. What I would give to have a man write me a letter today instead of an electronic text. What I would give to rewind the mindset and tone down all this emphasis on sex. Just imagine what it would be like to have a person take the time out of their day, To come and sit and listen to you talk, never a word would they say. How it would feel to have someone actually walk you to your door, Instead of spending a night with them only to wake up wondering if they would now think you a whore. The word 'Love' has now lost its essence, Its true meaning now a thing of the past. Its now a word they throw around just to get some ass. Oh how I wish I didn't have to worry about all these issues today, Oh how I could rewind the moments when relationships weren't a game to play.[left][/left]

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    What a lovely poem! And, how true.
    Yea, don't we all? No, I guess it's just a few of us.

    Good work.
    Thank you both. Indeed its quite sad how times have changed in this aspect.....