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Poem written by ewenart on Tuesday 25, August 2015

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Recently: freshly started writing on a Blog...will now post relevant poem.

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Blog Poem A poem regarding my first Blog, ewenart's Paintings, and poetry, texting clearly - free of all 'fog', selfish have been: now will see? Drafting primarily a blog post, I have never done this before... some points are 'key', not most: practice/learning points to store. Writing pleasure's good 'text-art'! Blogging echoes and partly mirrors. Enjoy reading/sharing ~ take part; communicating publicly, no errors! In artwork viewing and practice, may paint in Oils...happy media; sharing/loving: spread art's lattice: in art wonder, praise: such as 'hella'. Hella, hella, good... very, very, good. Whatever pronunciation t' choose, essentially beneficial, such as food: linguistic exuberance breaks loose! Viewing, reading, writing. rhythm? Artistically practicing, or enjoying, appreciations are interacting fine! Exchanging happiness is playing. E.A.M.

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    I didn't understand this.
    Linguistic exuberance breaks loose? A bit bombastic here, I think. Smile