Critical Review written by nickyjay on Sunday 23, August 2015

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just did this, 5 min ago, a 15 min draft - just putting it here. inspiration yes

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Quick Chat: happiness held while fleeting Standing still, unnaturally, we naturally desire. Deeply, we stand this way, loyal to our select memories. Memories are also fleeting. Though slower than the moment of your death. Slower than your first kiss. Fleeting memories are missed, replaced automatically with details lost, fragmentation is reconstructed to keep belief intact in the event of rehearsal. If not well kept, belief is lost when storytelling, slowly fleeting is the truth of this story in the thoughts of the moment by patient observer(s). Denial is busy fearing for you And will help keep you intact in spirit and dismissal of doubt becomes necessary and useful. This is without shame; None should be taken as the human condition we must respect. What was this feeling once so long ago, worth so much to be taken down this path, and reformed so much to have no original pieces left and thus lack the initial fleeting happiness we did capture, or did try. To what does a moment mean once passed and then by several more? We believe. We just try to survive and take what we find living as we pass along. Though those things die too, within us. We must continue to take new things as long as we are able. We cannot depend on the past. What treasure do you take with you as you make your final journey home? No treasure would home deny. Within Us, Without Us.

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    Is it wrong to feel like when you read this you actually experiencing memory lost. Like instead of building a picture I get flashes of words. Pretty awesome experience Grin
    Okay, you need to double space.

    An interesting observation. We do forget as time passes, if not whole events, we forget details.