The Night it rained

Story written by aSin on Wednesday 29, July 2015

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The things you are actually looking for may sometimes already be in-front you.

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*Tak tak tak*, she slowly turns towards her window, not taking it on too much as the rain raged its fury on the earth at the moment and she was convinced it was the hale sized rain drops causing this noise against her window pane. *Tak tak tak* again, however this time it was accompanied by a soft muffled voice, "Lizza, open up the damn window!!". Lizza quickly ran over to her sunset lavender bay window and pushed aside the sheer white curtains to reveal the source of the voice. "Landon! what the hell is wrong with you? You do realize its half two in the morning and pouring outside right??" She placed her soft ecru arms on her sides. Landon, still standing on the edge of the roof watching Lizza in her warm welcoming room while he stood in the pouring rain which seemed to catch a lot of pleasure from his discomfort with the cold droplets running down his drenched hoodie. "NOOOOOOOOOOO. Its raining? I didn't even realize!. I thought this wet stuff falling on me was just some random scientific phenomenon. Oh by the way, thank you for inviting me in from the cold, harsh, brutal weather Lizza!" At that Lizza snapped out of her anger and quickly undid the lock to her windows, pushing aside her favorite books and pillows lining the inside, ensuring Landon did little damage to them on his entrance to the room. Landon and Lizza had been best friends for as long as they knew themselves, they had been neighbors for the very same time period and there was never an important moment she could recall in her life that he was not apart of. It was Landon how drove her face into her perfectly colored 'My Little Pony' cake at her 5th birthday party, It was Landon who walked her to her door every afternoon after she finished her late chemistry lessons. It was Landon who always came through her window and stayed the night on her floor when his mom got sick and needed special home care. He was always the one there when things got too rough in their ever changing teenage years. Now both being well into their mid 20's and enjoying the spoils of early mornings to work and happy hour Friday's, they still maintained the same relationship they had for so many years. Lizza couldn't help but smile every time she thought about it. Landon had been the one constant in her life, the one person she could count on apart from her parents, the one person she could truly say she loved and knew she meant it. "What is the matter with you?? Is something wrong? Is it your mum? Is she okay?" Lizza stared at Landon in what was supposed to be a light green hoodie which was turned dark brown due to the extensive exposure to the torrential downpour. She crossed her arms over her light pink camisole and just stared at Landon, patiently (yet not too excited) to hear his response for this sudden intrusion in the night. Landon turned around to look at her, he quickly unzipped the hoddie to expose his navy blue Aeropostal T he lived in. It was his favorite brand and this was his signature color. He loved how the navy brought out the deep green inlay of his eyes. Yes, he was good looking and he knew it, but he was never one to pride himself on his physical beauty. He had always been a person who sought the inner beauty more than what the eyes initially saw. "Ohh, did I wake you from a hot steamy dream about 'Patch'?" said Landon with that most mischievous smile that no woman could resist. Lizza couldn't help it, the smile slowly crossed her face, as angry as she was to be disturbed from her beautiful dreams about the characters from the most recent paranormal romance novel she had gotten, she still couldn't maintain her irritation towards him while he had that smile on his face. SMACK!, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwccccchhh!!" yelped Landon, "What was that for??" He said as he lightly rubbed the spot on his arm where Lizza had hit him, "That was for waking me up from my sleep during this lovely rainy weather for absolutely nothing!" SMACK!, "LIZZZAAAA!!!!" he screamed, " And that was for scaring me half to death wondering if something happened to you or your mum!". Lizza gingerly walked from her spot infront the window and jumped back into her warm bed, her sheets still tepid from her body heat. "Ok, ok, I guess i deserved that, but I just, I was bored!" Lizza stared at Landon, her mouth ready to release some choice words to him, but she held them at bay for, this was simply how Landon was. Simple, sweet and annoyingly spontaneous, he had randomly called her at half 6 one Saturday morning, simply to tell her to come outside as it was the first snowfall for the season. Lizza patted the left side of her bed, the side that always remained empty as Lizza was one of those who did not turn or twist while sleeping. "Wait!" she bellowed, causing Landon to jump back in fear. "What?", "You are not coming on my bed in that soaking hoodie, take it off and the shoes as well before you make a next move". Landon smiled and shook his head, he knew how meticulous Lizza was and enjoyed annoying her by doing exactly the opposite from what she said, however after receiving two blows to the arm already, he thought he would abide, just this once. He quickly striped the soaked hoodie off and placed it on the door handle, he then slid off his sneakers and took a jump onto the bed. Lizza squealed in both fear of being thrown out of her own bed and anxiety that this would be the day that Landon finally missed the bed and landed on the floor. *twamp* he landed harshly next to her, rumpling the once neat quilt that lay onto the bed. "Dammit! I actually thought this was the day my parents would finally wake up to the sight of you dangling from their ceiling." Landon watched her and smiled, "Now now Lizzy, you know better than to think that about me, I've been doing this for years, never doubt a master" he said and waved his hands in that way that most magicians did to show their appreciation to their crowd. Lizza shook her head and slumped back down under her sheets, she loved weather like this, especially to read. But tonight she decided to let her dreams take her early and let her recap the chapters she had read in her sleep. Landon looked over at her and stared, "Sooooooooo, what you up to?" said Landon as he slowly peeled back the quilt blocking the view of Lizza's face, revealing two eyes looking back up at him, both filled with annoyance and in need of some sleep. "Really!??? you climb up to my window, come into my room and ask me what am I up to!, Landon, come on... what's bothering you, I mean i know you're annoying but even this is something you don't do, you love sleeping in late even when you know you're an hour late!" Landon leaned into Lizza, well the form of Lizza as she was now cocooned in her quilt trying to keep the draft from seeping under her already thin camisole and pajama pants. He nudged her forehead with his chin and sighed, "Lizzy" he whispered softly, "Have you ever thought about how life would have been had we not been friends?" At this Lizza jumped up from her slouched posture and glared at Landon like he had truly lost it. In all the years they had known each other he had never said anything in this manner and it chilled her to her very core thinking that he would even have such a thought floating around in his happy go lucky mind. "Where the hell did that come from Landon? You're really scaring me now... what's on you're mind?" She pulled one of her arms free from its boundage and placed it on Landon's forehead checking for a fever, or any sign that could perhaps bring about such a statement from him. Landon slowly took her arm and pulled it around him, he laid his head on her quilt covered lap and looked up into her deep auburn eyes. Landon's deep green eyes engulfed Lizza every time she truly stared into them, she had gotten lost in them many a times while growing up but never thought much of it as this was her Landon, her neighbor, her best friend, the boy who knew her inside and out, who helped her pick out nail-polish to match her prom dress. "Lizzy, tell me honestly, have you ever imagined a time where we were not friends? could you even begin to think about that being a true reality for us?" Lizza ran her fingers along Landon's arm, a sort of defensive tactic she employed when he asked her something she truly did not like. "Landon, you were the first friend i ever had, you loved me like both a brother and a friend no questions asked, we've been through many broken hearts, many birthday parties, and many drunken nights, do you truly think i could ever imagine there not being a day in my life without you in it!?? I mean how can you ask me that!?". At that Landon pulled softly on Lizza's arm. At first she didnt know what to make of it, she was so used to Landon and his many tricks where he`ll pull her down only to belch in her face. However she got the feeling that this was not one of those moments. She let him pull her towards him, slowly letting their faces come within inches of each other. At this point, the slightest movement could lead to either her ending up in a yoga position she knew her body was not meant to be in or something much more enticing. Landon moved his hand from her arm and let his fingers linger to her hair. She had long dark brown hair which curled at the ends giving that endlessly long look that he had always enjoyed knotting when they were smaller. He allowed his fingers to twist in the locks and enjoyed how soft they felt in his hand. He had never told her but he had always loved playing with her hair much more than he was willing to admit. Now as he grew older, he truly started realizing the not so subtle hints that showed him that he maybe felt something more for her than just friendship. "Landon" she whispered, He could feel her warm breath against his nose as she spoke, a sudden reminder of just how close their faces were to each other. He couldn't hold back anymore, He tilted his head up slightly and kissed her. Softly at first, waiting to see how she would respond. Would she go rigid and push him away? Would she open her eyes and stare at him in utmost disgust with the words 'What Did You Do?' plastered on her face? Or would she allow the kiss to continue and indulge in it as well. Suddenly her lips crushed into his, he took this as the sign he was looking for and allowed himself to relax a bit. Throwing most of the caution to wind yet still very wary of the fact that this was his Lizza and he didn't want to scare her away with this kiss. Their lips parted slightly, and to his genuine surprise Lizza was the one to make the next move, she melted into Landon. Allowing herself to fall on top his chest, to a position where she could truly enjoy the kiss. They molded into each other as if they were two halves of the same whole, Landon's heart beat against his chest with so much happiness he was scared he would lose his mind. After a few minutes of truly indulging in each other they parted ways. Their faces still stood inches away yet the kiss was now done, for the while at-least. Landon stared into her eyes and stroked her hair behind her ears, "I've been wanting to do that for a while now, but I never had the courage to do so until tonight. I didn't want to scare you away with my feelings and risk loosing the one true person i had in my life, but tonight i couldn't hold it in anymore, i'm sorry if i hurt you Lizza, but i had to let you know that I love you, i always have, i just didn't realize the extent until a few months ago." Lizza looked at Landon, she heard his words and was staring straight at him yet she was lost in his eyes. There she saw all the sincerity he had to offer, all the love he had for her and so much more he had to offer her. She lost herself in those eyes even more now and bent down to meet Landon's lips again. She let her lips linger on his and smiled while doing it. She never realized the type of love she held for him until just this moment. She had always known he would be in her life no matter what occasion arose, but until she thought about not having him there as 'her' Landon, she didn't realize exactly what he meant to her and her to him. They both stared at each other now, Landon with this whimsical look on his face and Lizza with the biggest smile on hers. Both ecstatic at what had just happened and a little humiliated at how long it took them to realize their true feelings. Landon brushed her hair away from her eyes and broke the silence first, "So, how long you've been wanting to do that to me now?" He smiled as he said it, for he knew she would understand that this was his playful way of being thankful she didn't object to this newly kindled relation. She tapped him lightly on the cheek, "Oh be quiet, you know you've been wanting to do that to me for years now and it finally took a torrential downpour for you to grow a pair and come kiss me!", She smiled as she said it and leaned in to kiss him again, then laid their on top his chest listening to his heart beat calm. "I've always loved you Landon, and you knew it, but until you kissed me I didn't realize how much i loved you" she whispered, as if it were the last words she would ever say. Landon ran his fingers along her arm, watching as the goosebumps slowly melted back into her skin, "Lizza, just know that I would never hurt you, I have always been there and I will always remain with you, I promise you this, even if you did not accept my love, I would not have left you." At this Lizza turned her face to look at his, she rested her chin on his chest and glared at him. She couldn't believe she had the love she had always dreamed of having right in-front of her. The type of love she had always imagined only existed in her novels. The type of love she fantasized over and wished she could find in her lifetime. And finally she had found it, and it all came to reality on the night it rained.

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    A very good scene capturing the emotion nicely. This could easily become part of something larger.

    One little thing: You need to edit. For example:
    "She placed her soft ecru arms on her sides. Landon, still standing on the edge of the roof watching Lizza in her warm welcoming room while he stood in the pouring rain which seemed to catch a lot of pleasure from his discomfort with the cold droplets running down his drenched hoodie." - This is a run-on sentence. You have several of these in the posting. I would trim this into several sentences and make it a better paragrah.
    Another romantic beauty for hopeless romantics such as myself can't wait for another Grin
    Thank you both for the comments.... glad you both enjoyed. Shall edit accordingly... ever grateful for the help in making my writing better.
    Simply beautiful. I also agree with Kt, it could still use some polishing.