The way you left me

Poem written by aSin on Tuesday 28, July 2015

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There can be no happiness without sadness.

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I hate the way I love you, Knowing very well I can't, I hate the way I adore you, Even though with every beat of my heart, you name is only one it chants. I hate the way you made me smile, and laugh and fall so hard, I hate the way I allowed myself to be blatantly scarred. I hate the way I remember you, in my mind you always are, No matter how hard I try to, the image of you is never too far. I loathe the feelings I still have, the ones I can't seem to shake. For they are the reason my nerves are always on edge and can not catch a break. I hate the way I look for you in every crowd I roam, In every persons face; I see features reminding me of your own. Appalled is the only other word that can summarize how I feel, You gave me so much happiness and then left me unable to heal. I hate this state you've left me in, Bursting at the seams, I hate that even with this anger, Your still the one that haunts my dreams.

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    Lovely. Your poetry is very good.
    Thank you! Smile
    I really like this writing! I can really relate to this as was feeling exactly the same for 6 months after a heart breaking which I only just got over. Great piece!!
    Very touching.
    Thank you! Glad to knw you liked it