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Poem written by aSin on Friday 24, July 2015

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Love isn't always roses and flowers, sometimes it drains you of all your powers.

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She sits there crying with eyes filled to the brim, What was the cause? one word HIM! Why does he do this? What was meant for this attack? Is this the way real men are supposed to act? She's there for you through thick and thin, Yet when your dissatisfied she becomes a has-been, What right do you have to treat her this way? Is this some silly game for you to play?? Was this the way you were brought up? To fool and play with others without giving a f*#k, They always say that good things come to those who wait, but in this case I would extend to another date, I never want to have a man like you, someone who always knows exactly how to make me blue, And for all those out there who have anyone similar to this, Just know that he`s not worth wasting a kiss, Don't waste your time on someone who wont make you smile, Just give it the extra time and i promise it would be worthwhile.

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    Very good! Nicely controlled rage here.
    A nice glimpse into a real life situation. It speaks honesty to the reader.
    Thank you bth for the kind words.... And I'm glad you liked it.... Writing is definitely a great Avenue to release feelings