So many things

Poem written by aSin on Friday 24, July 2015

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They say the first cut is the deepest. I believe it to be true. For sometimes the person you fall for, may never belong to you.

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There were so many things she felt for, So many things for you, So many words she wanted to say of the love she felt for you. There were so many times she tried to stop and let you go, But even through the hardest times her heart just kept saying no. There were many times she cried herself to sleep just thinking about you, So many times she self consoled because no matter what, a part of her would always belong to you. So many times she thought that she had lost you forevermore. Those many times she screamed on the inside for her heart could stand it no more. So many times she built up wall and tried to keep you from seeing through, So many times she tried but in the end she knew she would always love you, So many times she dreamed and smiled and laughed at how time flew, So many times it took her to realize that in the end she would never have you.

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    Very sad. Excellent job.
    Thank you Smile