There's Still A lot of

Poem written by aSin on Monday 20, July 2015

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There will come a point in time where you have to leave for you're own well-being... This being said you may probably never get yourself back in entirety... a piece of you may forever be lost.

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There's still a lot of love there, Although you may not see, There's still so much happiness there, Even though you may not agree, There's still a lot of hurt there, For this we both know it true, There's still a lot of warmth there, Because you know that's what I felt with you, There's still a lot of tears there, And you the reasons why, There's still a lot of sadness there, So much that I cannot deny, There's still a lot of feelings there, No matter just what you may think, There's still a lot of me there, Even though we fell out of sync.

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    I like this. It has a good feel, and great timing and pace. Good work.
    Thank you! Smile