For Now and Always

Story written by aSin on Wednesday 15, July 2015

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Sometimes the line between reality and fantasy can be so delicate that you can't see the difference until you see it in front you.

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She sat there over looking the beautifully crystal clear waters, the sun kissed sand swept up around her as the warm breeze gently caressed her skin. There she sat, with all her thoughts to herself, smiling of all the things that had happened to her in the past few months... all those things she thought she would never have. "Tell me what's the reason for your smile?" he asked; as he leaned his long limber body against hers and softly kissed her shoulder. She could live in this moment forever if it were up to her. "You"; she replied, that one word drenched with so much love she could barely believe it herself. "Your're the reason for all my smiles now, the reason I breath, the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I come home on afternoons. I never believed myself capable of feeling this way... until i met you." His lips gently parted as they formed into that sensual smile she could never resist, "My love, your reasons are the very same for me. Since the day i met you i knew my life was no longer my own anymore, it belongs to you... and only you!" She could barely contain her emotions, the tears filled her eyes ready to break the rim, she leaned into him, how effortlessly her body fit into his, it was as though they were two parts meant to be connected. "Don't ever leave me!" she whispered into his ear. "I won't be able to survive without you." He lightly pushed her away, still holding onto her shoulders as they parted bodies; " I would never leave you, this I swear, you are my being now, my every thing, i love you more than life itself." Just then, the waters in the distance started churning, that which was once elegantly sapphire colored waters had now turned grey and ravenous. The warm breeze had now gone cold and bleak, every ounce of warmth was now gone, the wonderful stillness was now nonexistent. "We need to go!" she shouted to him. "We need to get to higher ground!". He turned to look at her, fear and adoration pouring out from him, he grabbed her hand and they started running towards a near by hill. "Climb up!" he shouted at her; "I'm right behind you, i'm not going to leave you!"; As she started her ascent up the steep hill, she could barely grasp the rocks due to the harsh winds blowing against her body. "I can't!" she shouted. " The wind's too strong!". He placed his hand below her thigh and pushed ever so slightly. "YOU CAN! and you WILL!" he shouted, "I will not let you fall!". Just then, as if to spite their love, the wind took his vengeance. As she continued to struggle up the rocks, she felt it, his grasp on her thigh had loosened, he was loosing his balance. "NO!" she screamed, "You can not leave me!, I will not let you go!". He held onto her hand with as much force as he could, but his weight was too much for her, her hands gave way, she felt the whispers of his fingers as he fell, down towards the earths open arms. "NO!" she screamed, covered in sweat, her heart racing as if a stampede was taking place within her body, she removed the covers off her now feverish body. The tears quickly came to her eyes and slowly streamed down her face, she tried her best to contain her emotions so as to not awaken her love. He was safely asleep in the bed next to her, oblivious to her nightmare. He soft sobs however brought him out of his slumber. He quickly slid across to her side, hugging her in the tightest embrace he could muster. "My love, what's wrong? what did you dream?" he asked, concern and fear plastered over his face, "please don't cry, tell me what did you see?" "I saw you, you left me, you were gone forever", As the last word escaped her mouth so to did the tears from her eyes, she couldn't contain them, she let them flow openly on his bare chest. He cradled her lovingly, kissing her head and just being there in the silence of the room. After a few minutes he managed to find the words he was searching for. " My love, it was just a dream, a terrible one i would admit, but simply a dream, you should know by now, that you are my life, my love, my everything, without you there is no me. I swear to you I would never leave you, as long as I am here on this earth I promise to always be by your side." He cupped her hand in his and gently kissed it, allowing his lips to run across them gently for he knew she liked that, he then placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face; " I am yours , for now and always, this is my promise to you!" She smiled at him, for she knew it was true, he loved her more than she could ever imagine. And the fact that a mere dream could disturb her to the core, was no more than a confirmation of the fact that she had finally found that love she always dreamed of, and she knew she would die if she were to ever lose it.

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    'As she started her assent up the steep hill' - ascent, not assent.

    Quite good. Just needs a bit of editing.
    Thank you for your feedback... will edit accordingly Smile
    Sweet story really lovely thank you for sharing Smile
    Thank you for reading and enjoying Smile