Hades Rising -- Chapter 1

Fantasy written by jadedjade24 on Sunday 5, July 2015

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Zerek sat at home, in the middle of the day, unable to sleep and staring at a blank computer screen. He had been restless during the daylight hours for days, unable to shake a feeling that something bad was coming. So, instead of sleeping, he did this. Which was nothing. He let out a long sigh as he covered his face with his hands and closed his eyes. What I wouldn"t give for just two hours of rest before the hunt tonight... He had been waiting for this night for a long time, he would have said that he dreamed about it, if he could do such a thing anymore. This was the night that he would finally hunt down and kill the Demon he had been tracking for weeks and unable to stop, but thanks to some insider information he finally knew where the little creep slept. But with so little sleep, how was he to focus? Zerek got up from his desk and started to pace around his office. He had to give himself credit on the house he now lived. Ever since moving to Jacksonville, Florida he has been living the life. Well, a life. It sure as hell wasn"t the life that he was supposed to live, but he was making due with every breath he drew into his lungs. But this house was something else. Marble floors, eight bathrooms, ten bedrooms, two dining halls, a huge kitchen with all the latest appliances in chrome (which really wasnt his favorite part, but whatever), and that was just part of the house. He didn"t know how long he was going to be staying here, but with these digs he didn"t really give a rat"s ass. Deciding that walking in circles and thinking about his plush surroundings wasn"t really going to help him get to sleep, he made his way to his garage to work on his project car. As Zerek opened the door, he peeked inside to make sure there was no light seeping through any of the windows he put black out curtains on when he moved in. After he made sure he wasn"t going to turn into a crispy critter, he stepped into the three car garage and breathed deep. Nothing is like the smell of engine oil in an inclosed space. Zerek ran his hands over the hood of the car. It was a GTO from the 80"˜s that he picked up from the local scrap yard about a week ago, and he got it for a steal. Not that money mattered to him. He could buy the Avenues Mall and not even see a dent in the amount of money he had. Among all the let downs and pain in the ass shit he has had to put up with over the years, the pay for being a Slayer was beyond anything a human could hope to make in their lifetime. He could pay someone a grand a week, have them hire a person under them, and staff this whole house and still have enough money to buy China.

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    An interesting first chapter. Let's see where you go with this.
    Alright, well, going to sleep so you don’t get killed, take two.-?