Another Dash - The Word is Jabber

Joke written by kt6550 on Monday 1, June 2015

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A dash. The word was "Jabber." verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 1. to talk or utter rapidly, indistinctly, incoherently, or nonsensically; chatter. noun 2. rapid, indistinct, or nonsensical talk; gibberish. We write and write and write and write on paper or a word doc or some sort of stuff and we hope that we can get something down that makes sense and is rational and maybe we can even sell it. But we are at the whim of the marketplace literary gods and they decide what gets published and put into print electronic or otherwise and even decide what the good and fine and wonderful people who actually read read. And the editors and proofreaders and publishers read our works first and then they look it over and say we did this wrong and we did that wrong and this won't work and that is impossible and delete this and change that etc. etc. and we do it and we find out we don't have anything like what we originally began to write to get our idea and stuff out. And next someone reads it and maybe they like it and maybe they say it is a piece of crap and not really worth anything and if you want to be a good writer you should read this stuff and that stuff and a bunch of other stuff and more and more of this here writer and so it goes on and on and on but still we never quit. Now, please allow me to elucidate clearly on the above jabbering. Not to bad, eh?

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    As someone who is actively trying to get a book published, this hits home so hard. Great Jabber.Smile

    This is good polemic. I like the approach. Have you considered revising and elaborating a little? I think a little polish would improve the overall product.

    Wow, I talk like that. Thank the Lord I can edit what i write.
    Good work.