Nocturnal - Chapter 2: The Will to Fight

Fantasy written by Nexeus on Thursday 9, April 2015

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Chapter 2 of Nocturnal

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Lycan sat alone, in his own small portion of the courthouse, pondering his new situation. He had gained their trust, and admiration, for protecting them from the vampires. The guards, he had rescued the previous night, retold the tale time and time again. Each time the story was regaled, however, they left out the details of his transformation. He did not know if they did this for his privacy or because it may scare the townspeople, he decided it was most likely the latter. While in his stupor Jace walked over to him and began to speak. Most of which was lost as Lycan only realized he was there halfway through. "That power you have is amazing; I"d give anything for power like that." Lycan seemed to start then ponder at the statement briefly. "And what would you do with such power?" "Fight back;Protect those around me, those who cannot protect themselves. I would do, what I have come to trust, you are doing." "And what exactly would you give for this power? A man or two, maybe an unknown towns person? Would you give up your home, your possessions?" "Lycan the only reason I don't attempt to strike you down for that accusation is because we have yet to spend enough time with one another to truly know what kind of people we are." Jace said with his off hand on the hilt of his sword. "Forgive me, Jace, I mean not to accuse you of wrong doings but sometimes being blunt is the only way to get an honest reaction." "We have no quarrel, yet I still do not quite understand why you would ask such a question. I would never give another life for ability. Lives are what is precious to me Lycan. Even for all the power in the world I would not sacrifice a single life. So I rephrase my previous statement. I would give any worldly possession, any amount of gold or silver, for this power." "Again I must tell you that you are a good man Jace. I am very happy with your opinion and I share it whole heartedly. You see Jace I was not only given the power itself, but also the ability to give it. Though this power is not to be taken lightly, it is ferocious and very hard to control. With your every action you prove to me you would not abuse it. But I cannot in good conscience give this to you, not yet. It is not only the desire to use it for good that you need, but a great deal of will power. You must be pure of heart and certain of your aim or it will consume you." "I understand, and if I am to obtain it I will have to prove to you my ability, and strength. I do not blame you for your carefulness, but now I must ask are there others like you?" "No I am currently the only one; I have not given this power to anyone else. If you can handle it you will be the first after me. Thus far I have no reason not to trust you, but for the sake of what is involved I must ask that you do not spread this information." "Of course, Lycan, this knowledge stays between you and me." "Speaking of which, I have heard the guards retell their story numerous times, yet I have not heard anyone give any specific about my "˜gift", why is this?" "We have all agreed that right now is not the time to reveal this information to the townspeople, it may upset or frighten them. We want to keep this a secret until they are more comfortable in their current state. We know we cannot hide it for long if we are continually attacked but we are hoping for the best." Lycan chuckled at Jace"s statement. "Well I suppose that"s all we can do in these troubled times. Forgive me for having to ask, but I was lost in thought when you first approached and did not hear a word, what were you saying?" "I was coming to see how you are doing and to let you know some of the townspeople had relatives in the caravan that left. They think there may be some survivors and hope that, with you, we may be able to help them." "Normally I would say it is not possible that any survived, yet there is something that has been bothering me. When the vampires attacked my home the torture lasted much longer. The screams did not die for hours before they made it to us. Something is different this time and I do not know why. It may be good to search for them, I think there may be survivors, but if we do we have to take everyone. I cannot protect those here and there at the same time, and right now I"m the only chance you"ve got." "I understand we will call a vote this afternoon, after you"ve gotten some rest. Even if some do not agree, they will come if the majority is in favor." "Then we should rest quickly so we can get to them before nightfall."

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