The DOSCO Files: Part 1 - Induction (chpt 10)

Sci-Fi Story written by LawMatheson on Wednesday 8, April 2015

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A young man in a new and strange town gets recruited to be a supernatural secret agent, when he previously thought that those things were all myths. His story only gets crazier from there...

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The last chapter was kind of long, I realize, so this one I tried to shorten. Let me know what y'all think! Thanks for the feedback! "Same-time "˜morrow?" I struggled to ask, blinking a few times, straightening myself up outside the door to the Madd House, around the bend from the Boy Scout bridge. After I finished my second beer, I had a third and fourth with dinner, and then who knows how many more, as well as some shots. Javier had kept pace with me tonight joyfully, and even Carmen had taken a few whisky shots too. Javier seemed to perk up, I would like to think it was because he had enjoyed my company that day, and was looking forward to another morning of my presence, he drunkenly grinned at me. "Well I won"t be the one to miss out on the chance to work a white boy, so sure. Same time." I gave him one of my award winning smiles, or I might have, but my vision was a little blurred. "You sure you don"t need me to walk home with you?" "Nah, I just live down-" I pointed my hand out, but realized I was pointing wrong, and tried to correct it, spinning around, but I moved too fast, and I lost my balance, swinging into Javier. I fell down on his feet, nearly knocking him over. He obviously wasn"t as tipsy as me. He laughed at me, before helping to pull me up. I stood up laughing with him. I was acting like a fool in front of someone I barely knew 24 hours, but already felt such a connection with. Was I crazy to want to keep running? "See at 9 tomorrow." I poked him in the chest, he puffed his chest up, whether it was on purpose or not, I couldn"t tell. "You bring the coffee?" Smiling his characteristic face dominating South American smile, white teeth gleaming, his dark brown eyes glinting, he shook his head, and we parted, each going our own way. I walked away smirking to myself. I felt like a child at Christmas time, special somehow. I had spent the past three years running away from people, distancing myself, shutting myself off from the world. Maine was changing that. Even before I ran away, I had really only had one close friend, and that had ended terribly. With Javier, Carmen, and even Roro it all felt different. It was crazy, I had barely known Javier or the others 24 complete hours, but something about them felt; right. This whole place, Maine, New City, Javier, even the bizarre witch shit, all of it, it felt; right. I belong here, and not in some supernatural way, there wasn"t possible. I hadn"t done a single thing that ever was counted as more than "average" in my whole life, everything about me was plain, plain and; and human. No, no way am I anything extraordinary, but maybe the spell, or enchantment or whatever didn"t just work for Supe"s, maybe it worked on anyone, human or Supe", that didn"t belong anywhere else, and drew them here. Such a thing must be possible, in the whole realm of supernatural activity. The leaves blew steadily in the evening wind, adding to the ambiance with the calming sound of nature. I mentally high-fived myself on finally finding somewhere I could belong, as I drunkenly stumbled through the darkness towards the LeClaire house. I had trained myself well, even sloshed I was aware of staying away from street cameras. A snap of a twig brought me out of my revelry, the sound echoing out in the otherwise quiet night. I halted, but realized my mistake, and kept going. I didn"t want whoever was following me to know I knew. But in my current state I had fucked that up. Feeling the hair on the back of my neck tingle, I knew that I was being watched, drunk or not. I whirled around, my hand reaching into a hidden compartment in my back pack, latched my fingers onto the familiar feel of cold metal, and I whipped the knife I kept stashed there (exactly for these times), and faced down whoever was following me. I was confused, knife in my hand held somewhat steadily out in front of myself, blade sharp and glinting in the limited light of the night. No one was there, but the feeling of being watched, the tingling on my neck, was still there. I jumped back around really quick, but not fast enough. A hand reached out and latched onto my face, I didn"t even have time to see whom it had come from, before the hand grew hot, and the sensation passed through my body, causing me to lose consciousness. * * * Javier stumbled home in the moonlit night, sporadic street lights offered occasional visibility, the nights got dark quick this time of year. Javier was drunkenly smiling to himself at what a surprisingly good day it had turned out to be, when he felt it. It was hard to describe. The feeling Javier had was one of intense longing, forgotten pain, unachievable desire, all coming together to crush him. It stopped him in his tracks, before he could keep moving. All day Javier had been able to put aside the pain, the emptiness, the longing for his lost power, while he and Neil worked alongside one another, even if they didn"t say much. The companionship was all Javier needed. Neil will probably never realize how much he helped me today, and not even just with the store. Thought Javier, as the gap inside him opened again, and threatened to consume him. He walked briskly towards home, coming onto Temple St. he felt an inevitable heaviness coming his way, as he broke down and wept like he had never done before, right there in the middle of the street. He crumpled to the ground in agony, tears marring his face. The smile he had had around Neil all day was but a faint memory of yesterday. Javier had been traveling for most of his life, not by his choice, but by his fathers, and consequently couldn"t get attached to any possession or any person, for fear of being hurt again when it was time to move on. All Javier could count on day to day was his father"s presence. No day guaranteed food or adequate clothing, but piece by piece, mile by mile, Javier Sr. had traveled with his son from the southern country of Argentina all the way up through South America, entering North America via Central America, risking both of their futures on a slow and often deadly journey, to find safety. All Supe"s can feel the "˜pull" of the spell cast on New City, Maine, but most don"t know what it means, and many of those that do choose to ignore it. Generally only lost, lonely, or misfit Supe"s made their way to the Supe" Sanctuary. Both Javier"s had felt the tug of Maine, but it wasn"t until they entered Texas that they could really begin to figure out where exactly the internal intuition was leading them. Javier found out in his early teens that he was different than others, that he had the blood and ability of a Bruja, or a witch. It was nothing alarming, it wasn"t scary, and there was nothing to be upset about. Javier Sr. had been of an average strength Bruja in his day, but had burned himself out of his ability from lack of proper training, and was determined to not have the same happen to his son. Javier had grown up hearing how he was destined for power, that even though Javier Sr. wasn"t that strong, that Javier Jr. would be. On and on Javier and son traveled, constant companions. The only friend Javier could claim was his father, but when he started to cast spells and become aware of his true inner being, the loneliness of his childhood was forgotten. It took many years, scars, and tears to make it to Maine, but once there Javier Sr. gave his son the life he had always wanted for him. Javier Sr. worked from sun up to sun down every day, slowly starting to save enough money to buy a small house and even to enroll Javier in a good local private school. Javier thrived, and Javier Sr. thrived because of that. His son was everything to him. And Javier Sr. was everything to Javier. The only constant, along with being a Bruja, in a life that was continually changing. Javier Sr. died unexpectedly of heart failure the year before, worked to death Javier Jr. referred to it as. At the time it was the worst pain he could imagine, his whole world shattered. But as the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Javier realized how much he had to be thankful for. He had been born into a slum in Argentina, and was now driving a Cadillac outside his privately owned, and surprisingly lucrative, Supernatural Store in beautiful, if not rural, Maine. It was his father"s dream. Javier Sr. had been able to enjoy the good life, for a while at least, but Javier Jr. refused to miss out on life and all it offered because of the past. His father wouldn"t have wanted it. They had had great times together, closer than most fathers and sons they had met in their extensive traveling. They had ups and downs, but they always looked out for one another, and together they had created something from nearly nothing. Javier missed his father desperately, but wouldn"t disrespect his memory by being selfish. After all, Javier Sr. had worked his whole life, 37 years, to provide everything Javier had. He would be nothing without his father, but his father deserved some rest too. 20 years spent moving, traveling, and working had exhausted his father, and now, now he could rest. Javier couldn"t be upset for his father, he was happier now. However, tonight things were different. Tonight the crushing realization that his two constants, his father and his Bruja ability, had been taken, and he was left with nothing, just a great emptiness. A pit, a chasm of hollow feeling. His heart beat and the world turned, but all purpose had been drained from his life. Neil had distracted him from the pain for the day, but now in the dark of the street, alone, and left in silence, the pain consumed him, and his body shook from the power of the tears that flooded from his eyes. As Javier sobbed, his body slowly shut down, and he slumped farther into the ground as he passed out. Javier laid there only a minute though, as a person previously shrouded in darkness emerged and picked him up.

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    Okay, this chapter is really good. Nice ending. It sets the stage for the next one.
    A chapter is as long as it needs to be.
    You have shown great improvement as you go on.