Panic Times

Story written by Don Roble on Monday 6, April 2015

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When to panic.

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"Don"t panic!". There are times that panic is what you should do. In fact, panic is proof you"re not insane. When Tommy Smith drove his truck off the road and off the cliff, he panicked. That"s the story. How true it is is anyone"s guess. Tommy was considered crazy anyway so he may not have panicked. He may have enjoyed the fall. "Well", said Tommy"s younger brother, Timmy, "of course he panicked. What else was he supposed to do? Accept his fate? Thank God that he was headed to the bottom of the mountain with no road under him?". "Now, Timmy, don"t bring God into this. God never panics. He didn"t panic when Satan rebelled. He kept a cool head about him and carefully considered his position and options. He also didn"t drink and drive", Reverend Carl said. "Huh? what are you talking about, Rev? Of course God didn"t panic. He was like Superman, Batman, and Spider Man all rolled into one. He couldn"t lose. What would he have had to panic about? Wonder what he"d do, falling off a mountain?" Panic is one of those undefinable words. Panic for one person isn"t the same as panic for someone else. Judy panicked when she broke a nail. "Oh, no! What am I going to do? The party starts in an hour and I break a nail! Ralph, call the Wilson"s and tell them we can"t make it. Tell them, I don"t know, tell my mother died. No, I used that one last time. Tell them something! Don"t just stand there!". Mike panics when the weatherman says it"s going to below zero tonight. "Below zero! I have to protect the pipes! No, check the antifreeze! No, check the furnace! Wait-!". "Mike, he"s talking about Pittsburgh. We live in Key West. It"ll be 70 degrees here tonight", his wife tells him. "Yea, but what if the air pressure turns south!? Then what!?". Panic is your brain"s way of saying there"s no way out. Why go silently into the night when you can go into it screaming and cursing?

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    lol I love the couple who lived in Key West!
    I agree with kt, the ending was hilarious.