Poem written by Griffin on Tuesday 31, March 2015

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being human

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Emotions It lives deep down, buried under the surface, hidden away from the world. I try to forget it exists, living my life alone. Often times I am successful for weeks at a time. All it needs is a look, a sentence, a quick glance and it begins to stir. It tries to pull itself up my gut to bulge in my throat. It wants to make my heart sink and flood my eyes. I feel it ascending like an air bubble in oil, slowly pushing my insides apart. All I can do to fight this thing is avert my eyes, take a deep breath and pretend I saw nothing. I heard nothing. I know others enjoy this thing, live in harmony with it. I can't stand it. It feels unnatural, like it should belong to someone else. I realize one day I will need to understand this thing. I will need to learn to live with it. For now, I continue to breathe deep and ignore anything that awakens it.

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    Interesting. It reads more like a personal essay than a poem. Maybe you want to take a second look at it?
    thanks for the feedback! I tend to agree with you. I guess the reason I called it a poem was I wrote it as a "person" trying to deal with emotions not just myself. I really do appreciate the comments and I always enjoy how others feel about writings. To call me a beginner at writing would be too generous! I can learn a lot from writers such as you.