Gator Tales

Story written by pirate60 on Wednesday 25, March 2015

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A short story on friendship.

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Gator Tale"s My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I"m a junior, but beings his name is Big Mike, I"m pretty sure it"s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I"ll look into that, but not today. Today you see is my birthday, and I finally get to go off on my own unsupervised by mom. Mom, you should know, is a little overprotective sometimes. Don"t tell her I said that though. "Mom!" I yelled. "Can I go now?" It was the seventieth time I had asked and was starting to get the impression she wanted to back out on the deal. "Why are you in such a hurry?" She asked in that annoyed tone of voice. I could tell she was getting madder by the minute; there is, you know, a fine line in the art of nagging which every kid learns is over the line. I was getting close to that point so I did the next best thing, I put on my saddest pouty-face and sighed heavily. "Oh for crying out loud Kodi!" She exclaimed dramatically; that was another one of mom"s things, dramatics. "Be off already. I"ve got better things to do than listen to you pout all day." That was of course just what I was waiting to hear. I made a dash out of the nest faster than berries through a crow; my destination, as you"ll see, the river. That"s where all the older kids in the swamp hang out; now it was my turn. "Look everyone! It"s Kodi." I heard. There in front of me, no more than a good spit, was my annoying older brother, Teeter. Now before you snicker at his name, I should warn you, he"s very sensitive as well as big. "˜Big" being the key word in that sentence. That combination has kept most giggles to a minimum; be warned. I"m still not sure why mom named him that but better him than me. Teeter waddled over to me and bopped me on my nose. It wasn"t a hard bop or anything; I think he was just letting the others know I was his younger brother and not to razz me too much. At least that"s what I was hoping he was doing. "Hey big brother." I said, while looking back over my shoulder to be certain mom hadn"t changed her mind and was coming to drag me back; that would have been very embarrassing; so far so good. "Let me show you around." Teeter said turning to face those by the edge of the water. He led me to a group of about seven adolescence, hanging together. The first thing I noticed was that not all the guys there were guys at all; yup, Teeters group had girls in it. One in particular drew my attention. "This," Teeter was saying to a male hippo, "is my younger bro, Kodi. Kodi, this is Drake." Drake, I realized, wasn"t all there in the head; slow would probable be a better term. He was, however, polite and grinned warmly. "Hey Drake." I responded just as politely. My eyes, however, kept drifting to the back of the group. That"s where the prettiest pair of eyes I"d ever seen, were looking my way. I endured several more intros with minimal interest and or responses, until Teeter finally got to the girl with the eyes. "This Kodi is Molly." He said pointing to the cute girl standing next to a much bigger male gator. Teeter had introduced him just before; what was it? Tracer! That was it. "Hi Tracer." I wisely said first. "Hi Molly, I"m Kodi, I"m pleased to make your acquaintance." My brother burst out in a fit of laughter and bopped me on the nose again. "Acquaintance!" He snickered, looking at Tracer. "I think Kodi may have a thing for your little sister big T. What do you think of that?" The rest of the group rolled on the ground laughing at Teeters jest; all that is but Molly. She, I saw was blushing and smiling. Ignoring the rest, I stepped forward and took her hand in mine. "Would you like to go for a stroll?" I asked loud enough for the others to hear. They shut up quite abruptly. I winked at Molly, who giggled. I then led her away, to the utter amazement of the group; I guess you should know I don"t like being the butt of a joke. Once away from the others, I found myself starting to flounder in uncertainty; I, after all, did not know my way around the swamp at all. Getting us both lost was a distinct possibility and a major downer in the eyes of the goddess before me. Fortunately, I didn"t have to worry for this little cutie had been initiated into the group earlier and knew the general area. She took in upon herself to show me around. "Kodi is a nice name." She whispered once we were out of earshot. I grinned foolishly, trying to think of a good response. All I could manage was an incoherent grunt and reddening face. "Hey! Watch where you"re going." Someone shouted, diverting Molly"s scrutiny and saving me for the moment. We looked down to see we had almost stepped on a frog standing in the middle of the trail. "What"s the matter?" He grumbled. "You think just because your bigger you can step on us little guys! Well not today Bozo"s." He looked quite comical standing there on his two webbed feet while his other two were crossed across his chest. If there"s one thing mom taught me, it"s manners, so I stepped back and apologized. "I"m sorry Mr. Frog." I said, not knowing his name. "But my attention was elsewhere you see." I quickly look over to Molly only to see her blush bashfully. The old frog noticed right off and grinned. "That"s OK." He stammered. "I suppose I am a little hard to see and with you walking with your girl and all. I would probably have done the same." He offered his hand majestically. "The names Jake." He informed us. "Jake Toad." "Toad?" I replied a bit confused while looking him over. "Aren"t you a tree frog?" I asked. "So! What if I am? He replied once again on the defensive. "Doesn"t mean my last name has to be Frog now does it? It"s Toad and that"d that." "OK Jake." I replied with a smile. "I"m Kodi Gator. I offered my hand in a friendly fashion. "And this here is Molly. As I didn"t Get her last name and felt foolish asking it now, I just went with her firs name. If she picked up on that fact she didn"t let it show. "You two new to the are?" He asked taking my hand in his and shaking it; his grin returning. He moseyed over to a large mushroom and sat down. "I haven"t seen either of you two on this side of the pond before." "Pond?" I asked looking back the way we had come. "I thought that was a stream?" I said. "No, no." He snickered gaily. "The pond over there." He pointed farther up the path in the direction we had been walking. Sure enough, I could just make out the glint of sunlight off of a large body of water. "Back there is the pond where I live." He said. "Its what those mindless beaver made when they dammed up a creek that use to empty into your stream. Can"t say as I"m not happy they did it though as it sure makes with a nice habitat for us frogs." "Oh that sounds nice." Molly replied; her eyes sparkling happily. "Can we see it?" "I suppose," he said; " don"t really see no reason why you can"t. Come along then and mind your big feet OK." He looked back at me and grinned. Your feet can do a lot of damage to some of the nests and pads here "˜bout"s, don"t ya know." Molly and me both nodded that we"d be extra careful and followed the old frog with the toad last name. The pond he took us to, was very beautiful indeed, and teeming with other families. Those in these parts, I noticed were more forest types, like beavers, deer, raccoons, water foul and of course tree frogs. No gators or hippos at all. "I wonder why mom never mentioned this pond." I said to the Toad/Frog. "Well," he replied, "I suppose it has to due with the water." Seeing as I didn"t under stand his statement he explained further. "Ya see, that there creek that the beavers done dammed up comes from a spring. I hear tells that gators don"t rightly like spring water, so if"n you find the erg to hightail it for some reason, I"ll understand. Can"t say as I"ll ever understands why that is, and that"s for sure and certain." Going more cautiously, Molly and me followed Jake farther down the trail and onto the wide grass filled meadow surrounding the pond; those nearby stopped dead in their tracks with looks of horror on their faces. Our new friend however paid them no attention and walk on. "Isn"t this the most pr"ttiest spot ya ever did see?" I noticed he comment was said louder than was needed and I got the impression it was for the benefit of those starring at us. "Let me show you my pad." Self-consciously, we followed; the looks of terror making us feel very unwelcome. "Um," I whispered, "Mr. Frog; I mean Mr. Toad; what"s with all the staring? Everyone seems to be shocked to see us." "Well, yes. He replied with little concerned. "That"s probably because your kind usually eats our kind, so they"re a bit freaked out. Look there!" He said changing the subject abruptly. He pointed to a very large tree. "Been here longer than anyone can remember." He mused. "Jake!" I stopped him. He turned and regarded me. "We eat you guys?" "Well, sure ya do. You are after all carnivores and such, so that would be only natural. "Then why aren"t you afraid of us?" I asked confused. Molly too looked baffled. "You planin" on eat"n any of us?" He asked, eyes boring into mine. "Why, no." I responded honestly. He grinned, turned and resumed his walk. "That"s why I"m not afraid." He told us. "You two are different for some reason; saw that right off." "That was a big risk you took, wasn"t it?" I looked towards those eyes now hiding behind rocks and trees. "What makes you think we"re different?" I asked resuming our walk. "Like I said. "Normal gators avoid spring water; more than that really, they out and out can"t stand it. You two being this close is in fact unheard of. As I said; you two are special. I"m not afraid of you because you have no intention of hurting anyone, right?" "No!" I replied looking at Molly as she shook her head also. "I suppose we"re no threat at that." "Well, lookie there!" Jake exclaimed pointing to an area at the far end of the pond. What we saw was spectacular. "Wow!" Molly and me gasped. Before our eyes was a tree the size of no other; it was enormous. But not only that, it was beautiful. Adorn with several different types of blooms, it housed hundreds if not thousands of tree frogs. "Let"s go meet my missus." Jake said grinning at the looks on our faces. At the tree, the croaking songs we had heard as we were heading over abruptly stopped. Molly and me looked around as little pairs of eyes numbering to high to count, stared at us. Jake, as with the other critters of the pond, ignored their shocked looks and hopped on over to an elderly female frog waiting at the great tree"s base. "Hey Gertrude." Jake greeted her. "I"d like ya ta meets a couple new friends of mine." He turned and we all exchanged pleasantries. It was at that moment, a younger frog cried out near the ponds edge. "Mommy! Mommy!" The adolescent screamed in fear. "Help!" I turned in time to see a hawk diving with talons extended. His target was apparent as the little frog dried desperately to hop away. My reaction was quick and without thought. I dashed to and past the fleeing child and with inches to spare snapped my jaws at the attacker. Startled, it veered off to the left, saving its own skin and made for the sky. The little frog had been saved. As I turned back to make certain the little tike was unhurt, I was greeted with the cheers of a living tree. Hooray! It was from hundreds of frogs, all shouting and praising my deed. Embarrassed, I looked over to where Molly and Jake stood; each glowing with pride. "As I was saying earlier," Jake Toad replied with a grin, "You two are special." He looked me knowingly in the eyes and winked. Molly one-upped him, coming over to me and giving me my very first kiss ever. Life was good. The End

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    lol A bit different than your usual fare, Pirate. Quite enjoyable.
    LOL Gotta try new things or life gets a bit stale. Still the end has a good moral to it and I like doing that. To many out there that have no morals at all; a shame.