Song written by flickeringfairy on Monday 23, March 2015

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Need a Cello or Viola Part

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I don't know how to submit a soundclip on here, but I need help. I created a song for my English class based on the book Leaving Las Vegas. I need instrumental music behind it that will make people think of being drunk. I suck at the cello or I would do it myself. Anybody able to do that for me? Here is the actual song. Imagine alcohol, if you've read the book Leaving Las Vegas, as the Vixen. She is the confident lover of Ben, the main male character, and views Sera, the main female character, as the other woman. I'm a bottle of whiskey a shot in your glass your constant companion make you fall on your ass In bottles or glasses Swigged slugged or shot I'm killing your liver But boy ain't she hot I burn and I kick I make you act silly. I'm thinning your blood Give you a soft willy. Your confidence soars Now on to cold sweats Don't you just love me you're my new pet. You love me that's perfect It's just what I want. You need me, want more I'll continue to haunt. I've got you you're fine Make you fall to your knees But talking to her you do that with ease. You want her? I'm sorry Let me help you forget. No need to bother I'll get you back yet. Kick me, just try it. You'll see I can fight I want you I've got you And now you can die.

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    Interesting problem.
    I know kt, it's an interesting English class, as in it's barely one at all. Hope you've been well.