The DOSCO Files: Part 1 - Induction (chpt 7)

Sci-Fi Story written by LawMatheson on Monday 23, March 2015

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A young man in a new and strange town gets recruited to be a supernatural secret agent, when he previously thought that those things were all myths. His story only gets crazier from there...

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(Editing this myself, doing as best I can, not a professional editor by any means) Chapter 7 "Pst. Psst." Noise cut through to my consciousness, which was coming back to me slowly. It was like those times you take a nap meaning to only go down for a minute, end up sleeping for five hours, and are all disoriented when you wake up. Only, add in the butt of a gun, plus your forehead, and you end up with a massive headache. "What?" I attempted to whisper back. "Not you, I don"t even know you. Javier!" The woman retorted, whispering loudly to get Javier"s attention. I ignored them, taking in our surroundings to try and figure out what had happened. There were four of us, the store clerk ATM thief Roro, I thought, Javier, the rude woman, and me. We were all strapped to metal chairs that were bolted to the floor. Our hands locked behind us, our feet strapped to the legs of the chair. The room we were in was white washed cement blocks, alarming in its starkness. A one-way mirror the size of a large bay window faced us. I noted three cameras total, two facing us, one facing the door in the front left of the room. "Carmen, what"s happening?" Javier asked, his head lolling to the side. I was in the middle, the rude woman, Carmen, was next to me, Javier and his employee on both ends. "You don"t look so good." Carmen whispered, she wasn"t looking past me to see him, but rather in the reflection of the glass. I glanced to the man beside me, his face did look pale, which made him look sickly. His eyes looked heavy and tired, as if he had aged ten years in mere minutes. Actually, I wasn"t sure how long it had been. I thought maybe minutes, but there were no windows, no clock, and no way for me to gauge how much time had passed. "Something, something happened to me." Javier explained, his voice faltering a little. "Oh my god, oh my GOD!" Javier began to yell, thrashing about, screaming, pleading, crying. I jumped to the side, trying to get away from the crazy man. What was wrong with him?! I didn"t know this guy, why he was freaking out, what kind of shit was he involved in that would send in a SWAT team to take them out, and accidentally take me with them. For that matter though, the whole damned town had been acting weird. College student murderers, ATM pilferers, children out inappropriately late wearing vegetables as hats. If I was honest, it was all a little too much. What did I do to deserve this?! "Javier, Javier calm down!" Carmen uselessly tried to comfort the man beside me, with her arms fastened behind her. The woman beside Carmen, Roro, finally woke up. Stirring, she looked around. "What kind of freaky shit did you get me into this time Javier?!" She yelled, turning to him. Javier just broke down in tears. "It"s gone, it"s gone!" Angry tears flooded his face. "What"s gone mijo?" Carmen inquired. I just stayed quiet, I was busy piecing the puzzle together as best as I could, and simultaneously trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. My hands were firmly locked, and my feet wrapped tight. Getting out would be nearly impossible, if it could be done at all. "My power, I LOST my powers!" Javier cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks. I laughed out loud. He lost his powers, that was comical. It was funny, till Carmen shouldered me in the face while I was huddled closer to her to get away from the flailing freaky man. Gah! My face throbbed, I rolled back to the middle of my chair, but couldn"t rub or soothe my face at all. "The shit! You three are the most violent people I"ve ever encountered!!" "Javier, are you sure, that shouldn"t be possible." Carmen breathed out, utterly ignoring me. "The hells going on here Carmen!" Roro squirmed in her seat. The door opened abruptly. All noise cut off, except for the slight sound of Javier"s body twitching. Roro sank in her seat, and grew surprisingly pale for her dark face. Under other circumstances it might have been funny. A woman strode through the threshold. She had dark red bangs, and hair pulled tightly into a pony tail in the middle of the back of her head. Her face was strong, and confident, but not outright authoritarian, and yet still feminine. She wore a dark grey military-esque jacket and pants, made of course looking material, with red trim, with layers of red underneath as well. She coolly evaluated us while standing with hands behind her back, going from face to face. She only spoke once she had finished her analysis. "It was an interesting night tonight. It seemed so ordinary at first. Then an agent reported some strange behavior at your shop, Mr. Gonzales, care to fill us in?" Her English was good, but it was not her first language, her accent sounded Russian or something. When Javier didn"t pipe up, she went on. "We know that you were wielding dark magic, which is of course prohibited by The Conformity Treaty, we could sense that the minute we stepped foot onto your property. But why? And why involve a human?" A human? Only one?! Obviously that was me, but what did that mean the other three beside me were? I nervously settled into the middle of my seat, wearily eye balling my two neighbors, without shifting my head. This was all just wicked sketchy. Every night I spent in New City only brought more and more wacky and unusual business. I vowed then that when I got out of here, I was going to move from Maine, maybe even flee to Canada, and I was going to change my life. Whatever terrible acts I was paying for now, I was never going to make the same mistake again. "I don"t know what this nark told you I did, but I didn"t steal no ATM." Roro announced. The woman barely took notice that anyone had said anything, brusquely speaking, she turned her full attention next to me. "Javier, I expect an answer." "Lay off, he just lost his powers!" Carmen defended angrily from the other side of me. I tensed up, I wasn"t one for confrontation. The woman didn"t reply, she just stared at Carmen icily and took her in. It was hard to tell which one was colder, both stared back without flinching. Carmen"s features dark and alluring, our captors pale and reserved. "You think yourself a woman of power, yes?" Still without dropping the gaze, the woman asked. Carmen defiantly stared back, unyielding, and silent. "Women of true power know which battles to fight, and which to let lie. This is the latter, act wisely." Without a pause for thought, Carmen replied on the heels of the other woman. "Honey, I don"t think I am a woman of power, I know I am. Who are you? Just some homely whore that your male bosses use to parade around in the face of the public?" The other woman faltered, Roro oohed from the side, the others eyes blinking disbelievingly, till out right rage took over. She slowly stalked forward, getting intimidatingly close to Carmen. Roro hurriedly scooted to the opposite side, to make it known that she had no part in it. "I am Yvonne Tereshchenko the head of supernatural and humans relations, as well as prominent member on many boards here at DOSCO, I am also trained in four martial arts and can kill you in anyone of them. You"ll do well to remember that." Our captor snarled at Carmen, still inches from her face. Carmen stared back with deadly sincerity. She didn"t let up any ground. But something flickered behind her eye, something made her falter, and suddenly Carmen looked away in a huff. Chick had back bone to be able to stand up to a woman like Tereshchenko that long. Wait, did she say supernatural?! One thing after another didn"t make sense, it was beginning to piss me off. "Javier, your story." Yvonne snapped, jumping us all. Javier looked up through his grief and tears, eyes blood streaked, swollen, and puffy, his dark tan skin marred with anguish- and hatred, I realized. He looked like a force to reckon with. "You filthy people come into my story, steal my power, rip bullets through everything, kidnap me and my friends, and expect answers?! What the hell do you want me to say?!" "I want my attorney, where the hells the attorney up in this joint?!" Roro pleaded. "I know we ain"t s"pose to talk to nobody less they here too." "Steal your powers? What is this ridiculous notion?" Yvonne once again ignored Roro. "This white bitch see or hear me or some shit?" Roro sounded offended, of all things in our current situation. Yvonne spun from staring at Javier, to lashing out and firmly back handing Roro across the mouth. "You will never call me "˜bitch" again. Do you hear vybliadok?" "Uncle, mercy!" Roro cried out. "Or however the shit you say it in Russian!" Yvonne stepped back, touching up her ponytail, and then straightening her pants, as if the whole ordeal was a trial for her. "I am not Russian, I am from the proud country of Ukraine." "All I hear is that you are KGB." I remarked like a little smart ass. If all my "˜friends" were going to speak out, I wasn"t about to be left behind. If I thought that Carmen got daggers shot at her by a mere glance from Yvonne, I got a full on firing squad. Her face was livid. "I will disregard that foul notion, but know that it is the only mercy you will get from me." Yvonne breathed out, and I believed her. In my usual way, I had taken things way too far. She hadn"t hit me though, so maybe Roro was right, and she really was a racist. That made me smirk, I was glad that I called her KGB, the supposedly closed Russian version of the CIA that dated back to the Soviet Union. "Now I want you all to share your story. Javier, I will come back to you, take the time to smarten up. You, go first." Yvonne spoke, nodding her jaw towards Roro. Roro scolded right back, before clicking her tongue. "All I knows is that some freaky shit started to happen whiles Carmen and I was out back, smoking some herb, I mean cigs, when we both heard noise and ran inside. This girl was a freaking speeding bullet," Roro shrugged to the right, rolling her brown-blue eyes. "When I got in, something was spinning around Javier"s head, and that guy was trying to flick it away. That"s when the bullets started and yous came in." Yvonne went to speak, when she halted, straightening up, she turned to the mirror behind her slightly, before nodding, and turning back to us. "I will be back shortly." Roro clicked her tongue again as Yvonne walked away, "Rude. Didn"t even say thank you for the tale." No one spoke for a minute, Javier was clearly still in pain, even though he wasn"t crying, he was still sniffling back the tears. It was weird, seeing a grown man act like this, but he looked like he was in genuine misery. "They had to have, they had to have stripped my DNA." Javier sobbed out. "Huh, what was that Javi?" Carmen whispered out of the side of her mouth across me. Javier started to shake, his chains rattling with him. "I can"t touch nature anymore, I can"t even feel the magic that should be here!" He wailed, his voice dripping with agony. "Can you, can you tell if I"m still a Supe Carmen?" "Soup, you want soup right now?!" Roro sounded as lost as I was. Touch nature, feel magic? Was Javier losing his mind? "I can"t tell papi, they have me jacked up with some power blocking serum or some shit. I"m sorry." Carmen replied calmly, as if this request of Javier"s wasn"t out of the ordinary at all. "What, you two stop looking at me like ugly idiots. You know as well as us now that the Supernatural world exists. You saw everything!" Roro"s face twisted comically, I could tell because I was watching her in the mirror, it took a second for me to register what Carmen had just said. "That"s enough beast!" Yvonne strode back into the room, her pony tail swishing along behind her. Carmen snarled at her. She may have back down before, but she looked like she was ready to gnaw through steel to get to our captor now. "It is against The Conformity Treaty to reveal the Supernatural world to a Civi, and if you live here in New City, you automatically agree to abide by the rules." Yvonne snapped. Wait, was Yvonne claiming the Supernatural world was real? Okay, okay, I had seen a ghost monster, and been almost eviscerated by an ethereal light, and a smoke beast halo apparently stole Javier"s powers, and I was chained up god knows where being interrogated with a bunch of strangers by some foreign government powers, so yeah, maybe I was inclined to believe that the Supernatural world was real at this point. "Supe"s have lived here hundreds of years longer than the first civi came to step their retched feet on this sacred soil, who the fuck gave you guys the right to come in here and impose on our freedom?" Carmen sounded lethal. Yvonne"s eyes turned to narrow slits, arrows getting notched and ready to fire. What had appeared to be anger under wraps, was suddenly let out in an explosive movement. Yvonne shot forward, plowing her fist into Carmen"s gut. Carmen wheezed out, her breath catching in her lungs. "I"m dead to the floor, fix"it Geezus!" Roro yelled, jumping away from the pair, still cuffed to the chair. I was stunned, and so was Javier, who stopped sobbing for his pain, when he saw his friend hurt. He started yelling in Spanish, and I am by no means fluent, but it sounded like he was claiming to rip open Yvonne"s vertical smile and let her bleed to death. But like I said, not fluent. "What do you want from us? What kind of kinky shit are you guys all into? I don"t know why you thought that I was messed up in this shit, but I have no part in this, I don"t even know these people next to me!" I know that I probably sounded like a bitch pleading, but I didn"t give a shit if it got me out alive. I"m a survivor, always have been, always will be. "That"s interesting coming from you." Yvonne turned to me. Carmen"s head was hung, but I could feel aggravated energy seeping off of her, she was stewing in some intense emotions, but seemed to have control over it for now, at least till her breathing returned to normal. "What the- why would you say that?" I inquired. Yvonne snapped her fingers, and the door opened, two men in full combat attire, with goggles covering their eyes, holding some deadly looking guns, came into the room, also carrying some more chains. "First I am going to remove the human, no need to share more with a civi than we have to, once she"s gone, then we"ll talk." Yvonne explained, propping herself up against the mirror ledge while she waited for the men to act. Roro started to scream, thrashing around so she couldn"t be taken. Javier looked shaken all over again, lost in his pain he continued to spew Spanish insults at Yvonne, who pointedly ignored them. "I don"t want to die, don"t let them kill me! I bet Russian"s eat their dead! NO!" Roro was beyond panicked. Quick as a snake, one of the guards injected her with something in her neck. Carmen, Javier, and I all sucked in breath. Had they just poisoned her in front of us? I felt like throwing up for 90th time in about two days. I had thought that Brad and Spencer were evil for killing a seven year old, but obviously it was a rite of passage of some sort for these nut jobs this far north east in the country. Carmen didn"t say anything, but glared at Yvonne, and I am sure that it was burning Yvonne almost physically. Javier was breathing kind of wonky, his body was shaking still. He looked like he was trying to hold himself back from some preferable ledge. My head throbbed again, reminding me that the butt of a gun had been smashed into my face, on top of everything else that had happened. "We"re all human too," I reasoned, trying to hold my composure. As the guards were carrying Roro"s now limp body from the room, one of them looked up hearing my voice, but didn"t seem to see me. The door shut and I continued "Are you just going to kill us one by one then?" The worst part of this ordeal was that I felt bad that my mother and sister would never know what happened to me. Then again, maybe that was best. I still wished I had had more time to try and right my wrongs and see them at least once more to say good bye. Hindsight was a bitch. The other three looked at me like I was the crazy one. I could feel all their eyes on me, so without moving a muscle, I rolled my eyes to the side to confirm that Carmen and Javier were gawking at me, Yvonne was smirking down at me too. "Nice ploy, now tell me, what creatures are you two, and why are you trying to conceal yourselves from us, we will find out. Just save us time." Yvonne almost sounded reasonable. Carmen glanced at me from her chair, her blue eyes drawing me in, I looked back. We were tied in this together now. I had no fucking clue what Yvonne thought she knew about me, but everyone I had met here seemed to be on the verge of psychiatric breakdown. It must be in the water, just like in Salem, Mass. During the Witch Trials. I mentally concluded. Oh shit, that didn"t end well for anyone! "Have you considered that this man and I are superior Supe"s and that maybe you don"t have the technology or magical resources to comprehend our limits?" Carmen asked furiously. "Ha! You make me laugh vybliadok. Do you not understand where you are? You are at the Department Of Supernatural Cooperation and Organization"s underground facility. We at DOSCO have every known magical and scientific equipment known to this galaxy. You cannot be more powerful than our systems. You simply have a crafty way to hide your identities." Yvonne logically explained. Carmen blanched, Javier looked surprisingly even more downcast. What the hell was this place, underground?! That pretty much means I"m screwed in somehow figuring a way out. My breathing started to grow erratic, I was going to die down here, with strangers, not even understanding why, and no one would know what happened, or where I ended up. No one would mourn my passing. That felt like a failed life. I hung my head in anguish. I understood now why the others had been fighting so hard, it was the last thing that we could do. They might beat us because of it, but we were going to die anyway, so what did it matter. Resolve grew inside of me. Last night appeared before my closed eyes, graphically it was there. My fear at being found, the cold night air against my exposed face, the scent of pine and wilderness, as I watched while Spencer lopped the head off the boy, falling to the ground. Brad stood by and watched passively. The body burst into eerie red and yellow flames. Things made sense for the first time. A desperate plan came together. One that probably wouldn"t work, but hey, they were sure to kill me anyway, mine as well make them sweat a little at least. "I saw some civi"s kill a Supe last night." I used their lingo to make my case sounded stronger. I wasn"t positive that I had used the words correctly though, I only guessed that "˜Supe" meant "˜Supernatural", but it was pretty clear that civi meant human, civilian maybe. "I recorder the murder. I sent it to a secure e-mail, you can use my phone to verify. Don"t try to trace it though, I had a known member of a hack-ivist organization make it untraceable. I programmed the email to send out a copy to social media sites all over. Spencer and Brad"s information and status at Colby College is embedded with the video." My heart hammered away. I chocked up while talking a couple times throughout the rant, but I kept going. I was empowered when I watched as Yvonne"s face fell, paled, and then looked downright shocked. I didn"t think the woman capable of something so human. Carmen looked surprised, but delighted, Javier stared at me with admiration too, for that matter. For my own credit, I was only lying about half, but the others wouldn"t know. I fought hard to keep my face blank. This was it, all was on the table. What ever happened next was a gamble. I didn"t know if Yvonne was even aware of who the two I named were, but I knew now that the pumpkin headed boy was something just that, a pumpkin head creature, not a seven year old boy at all. It started to make sense now, the flames but no scorch marks, and the fiery eyes. Even if Yvonne didn"t know who the college kids were, as part of DOSCO it was their responsibility to protect this kind of thing from going viral, I assumed. Why else would the world not know Supe"s existed? They couldn"t only be here in New City, Maine, right? "Don"t try to wipe our memories and send us on our merry way either, the e-mail can only be deprogrammed with a password he created right before you busted us. Wipe this memory, you seal your deal." Carmen sat up looking regal. She took my lie and ran with it. I didn"t let on that she was wrong in anyway. "Besides, it"s against the Conformity Treaty to erase the memory of Supernatural beings. And you wouldn"t want to break those, would you?" Carmen smirked, arching her left eye brow. Our interrogator let agitation show on her face. She slightly inclined her head towards the mirror, so I figured she signaled something. Maybe they were trying to figure out about my e-mail. I hadn"t lied about that part though, my whole lie was based off of it, but thankfully I was pretty positive that they wouldn"t be able to hack my account. I had worked hard to figure out a way to get the hack-ivist in my debt. But doing it had been worth it all, especially in times like these. Sound emitted from Yvonne"s ear, although I couldn"t make out any kind of device, "Let me be clear here. DOSCO is not in the habit of being black mailed, we do not strike deals with law breakers, but you have forced our hand here. You will be let go, but know that each and every one of you will now be under our direct watch. Don"t break anymore rules, or we"ll be the first to know." Yvonne slowly paced around behind us, I wasn"t afraid that she would try anything, because all three of us watched her with our eyes on the mirror, following her reflection as she approached each of us, and let us out. First our hands, then our legs. "Watch the security footage mujer, you"ll see that I was not to blame in casting that illegal spell, it came from the doorway." Javier managed to say as he rubbed his wrists and we made our way to the door. I had done it! I had somehow managed to get us out of trouble! Who said lying was a bad thing?! It worked well that Carmen was clearly also a compulsive liar, because both of our stories were so fluid. We made a devious duo. Yvonne guided us from the room. "What about Roro? We just s"pose to pretend like you didn"t bag her tonight?" Carmen grilled, remaining resilient in her demeanor, despite what we had been though. Yvonne just smirked. Emerging from the door, I didn"t have any time to react, on the other side men with black hoods in their hands threw one over my head, while a sharp sting got me in the neck. Either from the drug or the bag, my vision went black. Let me know what you think, or if I should even keep posting on here!

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    Well, of course you should keep posting! Why would you want to stop? This is, after all, the Den of Amateur Writing.

    An excellent editing job. Now you are starting to really get the hang of formatting. Good job.

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