What It Means To Be A Dad

Poem written by pirate60 on Sunday 22, March 2015

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Dads and their kids

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What It Means To Be A Dad I started with an old steel pipe, I cut it here and there. I welded it into a shape, Then stepped back with a critical stare. I then modified that shape a bit, Adding two wheels and a chain. I had to force a couple bolts, Man, were they a pain . It then came time to paint it, So I picked a nice shade of red. I then added a glossy finish to that. "Damb! That"s good." I said. I place a big bow on it, Then hid it in the car bay. I brought my daughter out the next day, And cried out, "Happy birthday!" Her eyes lit up with joy, For her new bike was out of sight, She ran to me and hugged me tight, And for a dad, well, that"s more than all right.

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    More than right, indeed. Pretty close to excellent.
    Thanks KT. As I'm not a father nor married this is more a tribute to those that are.