The Dream (Epilogue to 'The Three Fate's Saga')

Story written by pirate60 on Saturday 21, March 2015

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Jack Vines dream with his mother

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Jack Vine: Personal file The dream (Epilogue to "˜The Three Fate"s Saga") "Ma, you around?" The small little shack never seemed to change. Even that wobble of the kitchen table was still there. As I stood looking around the old homestead, I recalled a fond memory of ma and me eating her turnip stew and talking endlessly of the day"s adventures. Well, OK, the turnip stew part can"t be counted as a good memory, but at least it did fill my stomach. I strolled over to the pot hanging over the fire and peered in. "Yup," I said with a grin. Turnip stew. "I"m very fond of turnip stew Jack." A familiar female voice said behind me." I felt a soft gentle touch caress the side of my cheek and I turned around. There, standing before me, as usual in her flowered dress was my mother. "How"s it going ma?" I replied, my grin turning into a full-blown smile. "I brought you something." "Did you now?" She said, her eyes taking on that sparkle I always associated with her; her own smile warming my heart. "I wonder what that could be?" Turning, she seated herself at the table and indicated for me to take the chair across from her. She then poured two cups of tea from a kettle I hadn"t noticed a second before, passing one to me, and sipping from hers. "I brought you a piece of wedding cake." I said, handing it over to her. Actually, as I was in reality sleeping snuggled up with Mary, I guess you would call it one of those facsimile things. The real piece of cake was still in the refrigerator back in our kitchen. "Hope you like it." I told her. It"s Angle food, Mary"s favorite." Mine if anyone wants to know is chocolate. "I"m sure I"ll enjoy it." She said taking it and setting it off to the side. "How did the wedding go?" She then asked, somehow getting right to the point on why I was there. Ma was good at that. "Well, it was touch and go at first." I answered, taking a sip from my cup. "Had a bit of a glitch the night before though." I proceeded to tell her of the bachelor party Rocci and the boys threw for Tiny and me. I then moved on to what happened after. "The young couple was very emotional when Tiny handed their kid over to them. I was quite proud of the big guy. They of course broke down bawling and hugging Tiny. I"ve never seen him blush before." I chuckled at the image. "I"m glad it all worked out for them." She told me. Her eyes looked deep into mine before going on. "You"re wondering why I would place an innocent baby in such danger though." It was a statement not a guess; she is after all, the creator of all things. "Not exactly." She responded to my thoughts. She was a lot like her daughters, or they her. "What do you mean? "I am not the creator of all things. I am only half." She saw my baffled look and so continued with her explanation. "There have always been two of us; your father and me. Unless you count the Universe itself, then it was three. I am the logical part and bring morals, and order to creation." "And dad?" I asked. Wondering who he really was. "Your father is chaos, he doesn"t have any feelings like love and hate or good and evil. He adds the unknown into life; chance if you will. He is about taking action without thinking. There is a lot of him in you, you know Jack." Moms gaze became even more intense as she talked and I found myself holding my breath. "Is he the Devil?" I asked, thinking the description fit the character of myth. "Oh no!" She said sternly then rolled her eyes. "That"s just something men made up a long time ago to account for the bad things that happen. Your father doesn"t know what the difference is. In reality your father is at best indifferent. "No offense intended here ma, but how did you two ever get together in the first place? You seem total opposites." Deep down," She elaborated; everyone needs someone to be with; even your father and me. He doesn"t know why any more than I do. Maybe the Universe does but it"s not likely to say. Your father and I are together because we need each other. Look around you Jack." She said proudly. What the two of us have created together, there"s no word to truly describe it. Life is;" She told me sincerely. The good and the bad are one and the same. Without one there cannot be the other. Life knows this and accepts it." "I think this is where I"m missing the mark." I said. "Look at it this way, son. Can there be light without darkness? Can there be an up without a down? Her look was now penetrating, as if I needed to fully understand it. You can"t have one without the other. To experience the good in life you must also endure the evil. Perfection as some would like the world to be would never work. If you stop and think about it long enough, you may one day understand." Her smile was once more bright on her face. "So, what"s the reason Tiny and me took out those two carjacker"s?" I needed to know. "Was it just chance?" "It was for that child, Jack. That child, unlike any other, needed to survive." "I"m still not following." "That baby girl was special. She was the one your father and I had to add to account for Annette and Arthur"s child through Guinevere, his wife. Christina was borrowed by chance down the timeline of life. We never intended that her and so had to do something to fix that. You suggested to Annette that the Universe was making it"s own correction, that the world, everything, would survive. This I do not know. The Universe I think has its own agenda. To keep the possibility of time tearing itself apart again, your father and I added another soul, a new baby girl. To do that I had to agree that chance play a roll, but the child had to survive or all may have cease to exist, and that would have included us all; Me, you, your sister, even time and the Universe; all gone forever. The child was placed in peril. She might have died. "And so you placed Tiny and me there to save the kid." "Tiny actually, as he was the one that kept that man from strangling the baby girl. That was what he was in the act of doing when Tiny stopped him." Tiny was the one destine to save the world and not me, Aye?" I chuckled. Ma"s laughter was like the sound of a spring shower; golden and warm. She leaned in close to me, placing her hand on mine. "Not this time dear." She said. "Although it could have been. As I said I could only place you two in the right spot; but it was pure chance who would save the child"s life. It could have been you, Tiny or neither." "Wow!" I replied in awe. " You sure took a big gamble ma." "Son", She said smiling. "I had faith in you two. More faith than any other two I had a hand in creating." Her hand squeezed mine and she leaned in kissing my forehead. It was like I was a kid once again and all was well. "Say ma," I grinned. "How about a bowl of turnip stew." Her laugh filled the room with a mothers joy and the stew we shared this time was indeed a good memory. "I love you ma." I told her between bites. "I love you too." She replied. Tell dad I said hi, will you?" "I will son, now finish your stew before it gets cold." The End

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    This is the epilogue conclusion in The Three Fat'e Saga.
    "Life knows this and excepts it.” - You need accept here, not except.

    A good epilogue and a fitting conclusion to the story. Nice job, Pirate.
    Noted and fixed KT. Thanks as usual.