Poem written by ewenart on Friday 20, March 2015

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Regarding a dear friend and fellow 'ADI'

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DSA ADI - NR ADI Neil Reid... add DSA to fill title, forking duty with personality: true. Professional Qualification - was vital; prospective teaching shared with few! Neil qualified, soon after me, can tell, followed 'love of motoring', cars too. Similar sense of honour/duty there fell; safe driving for life, we taught: pursue! I'm retired ADI... as must all in time, happy at home and family immersion. Missing Pupil-range and continuum; but could not ask a better inversion! Retirement time is rich, entirely free, substitution and occupation, now full. Art-painting and Poetry embraces me; always enjoyed, now 'fills my spool'! E.A.M.

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    lol This was good. You found a neat, constructive thing to do!