Story written by Don Roble on Friday 20, March 2015

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The quest starts

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As Rob and Little John left Robin Hood, Little John suggested they go over to the glen. It would be easier to point out the right star that way. As they walked along, Little John told Rob his quest was foolish. "›You seem to think if ye return the trinket to Maid Marion, she will reward you by giving you a little bit. Nonsense. The Lady wouldn"t give you a good sniff." Rob didn"t believe that but he did believe little John might crush his spleen if he disagreed. Little John did say that if his quest wasn"t successful that Alan-A-Dale would write a great ballad about it. "I think Alan-A-Dale doth not care for me. It"s hard to believe he"d write a ballad about me, Little John." "Nay. Lad, Alan-A-Dale doth not like ye alive. Dead, he would love thee. Another thing. Lad, ye need to watch ye step." "Oh. I Know that. I-" "Ye doth not seem to know it at all. For instance, doth ye know ye are standing in a pile of goat shit?" Rob looked down because he didn"t know it. Sure enough, his right foot was ankle deep in a large pile of loose goat shit. He immediately pulled his foot free. That was all fine and well except his foot came out of the boot and he stepped right back into the goat shit, slipping and sliding, falling on his back and ending up with a goat-shit pillow. Little John told him he"d "not be helping him up." Rob, not thinking, reached out to push himself up getting goat shit right up to the elbows. He managed to get to his feet with shit dripping off his arm and off his head down his back both inside and outside his shirt. Rob was miserable now. Little John told him he"d best get on with his quest rather than go back to camp and give Alan-A-Dale something new to sing about. He"d be sure to run into a creek to clean up. Rob agreed. Little John pointed out the star he was to follow."Follow it and you will reach the land of enchantment." Rob looked at the star and said to Little John, "That one?" Little John cuffed Rob alongside his head and told him, "No. Pay attention. It"s the one next to it." "Okay, I see it now. Thank you for-" Little John was gone. Rob started off on his quest, hoping to find a creek soon. To be continued.

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    And the quest begineth, so to speak
    lol But, with these two, the quest may never finish. At least not like Frodo and Sam's quest. Smile
    Agree with KT. Of course I am hooked on if they ever will finish the quest.😄