My Mountain

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 6, March 2015

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peace in soul and mind.

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My Mountain Breathe in deeply, the mountain"s air. My worries captured in the spider"s snare. The air, clean and cool; the grass covered in dew. The new rising sun, framed in a blue hue. I hear not a sound, for all are quiet. A contrast of the city, with its chaotic like riot. It is here, I realize, God intended us to be. Not caged in concrete towers, of this truth I do see. Although this memory, is one in my past. It keeps me content, my soul to last. Like the valley for some, my minds peace is here. Of the city I live; here there is nothing to fear. If you seek peace too, I n your soul and mind. God grants us many places; your task, to find. In time I shall leave and my mountain and me, Shall be together forever, in this, Gods eternity.

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    That was simply beautiful. On one line i think you misspelled dew as "due". Other than that this was dang near perfect to me.
    Good catch DF. I totally missed that.
    Loved this! It conjured up wistful feelings for me... a longing for a place far away, to clear my mind, and to have no worries in the world. Smile
    'If you seek peace to,' -'If you seek peace too,'

    Very nice.