Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Story written by pirate60 on Thursday 5, March 2015

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This is something I posted before. It is of an actual experience. I saw it in my files and thought to share it again with the new members. Stupid is as stupid does I witnessed stupidity today, although some would have me use a nicer name. It was with a group of three youths from the college near by talking at a local fast food chain. Each I saw were well dressed in somewhat expensive clothing right down to the shoes they wore. By the way those were those sneakers that these kids pay half a mans weekly salary for; certainly nothing I"d buy or even want. Now, I chanced to over hear their conversation, myself having been lucky enough, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, to have taken a seat near them. They seemed to be in discussion on what they felt were the injustices caused by the rich upper class here in America. "It"s those damn rich snobs," the lad was snarling. He was scarfing down two Big Mac"s, a large fries and 64 oz. Coke as if his stomach were a vacuum cleaner. Judging by his bloated gut I"d hate to be the chair he was sitting in, but I digress. "So stuck up on themselves," he went on. "Thinking they"re better than us. And here I have to slave just to make ends meet." It was at this point that I really started to pay attention due mostly to an annoying snorting sound he made while talking and chewing at the same time; but again I digress. "You got that right." One of the girls quickly agreed. She was dressed in a stunning and most revealing outfit for which certain parts of my body were all too aware of. Her golden tan and blonde flowing hair reminded me of that old TV show Bay Watch. "Do you know I still can"t afford that red mini skirt I"ve had my eye on yet? I"ll have to wait another whole week." The conversation was turning my stomach with its sheer stupidity, that I decided to go elsewhere to enjoy my tea. As I stood up an idea came to me and I turned and asked if they had some spare change to get a bus ride home. I didn"t need any of course; I just needed to know something. I stood facing them in my faded jeans and pocket T-shirt while smiling in a friendly sort of way. "Man!" snarled the fat youth. "Why don"t you go get a job? You people make me sick begging all the time. Get lost!" Still smiling, I pulled out my wallet and tossed down three one-dollar bills. "You all should listen to what you"re saying sometime." I said. "Maybe you might realize what hypocrites you really are." My smile still on my face I turned and walked off my question now answered. To this day I wonder if they got my message; I had a feeling they had not. To bad, but stupid is as stupid does and it"s hard to change stupid.

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    Read this before. I love it when some people complain about how "tough" their lives are.
    LOL wow this had me rolling. It's often difficult to see the real problem without a mirror. Seems like you were that mirror for them.
    I hope so DF, but I really don't think it did any good. The looks on their faces said Duh???
    Nice stuff, Pirate.
    Well hey there Big C. Where ya been? lol