A Child's Rhyme For Bedtime

Poem written by pirate60 on Thursday 5, March 2015

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Bedtime, Child's rhyme

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A Childs"s Rhyme For Bedtime Its nappy time, so here my rhyme. I want to go to bed. With eyes half closed, I"d like to doze. And rest my weary head. Moms kiss to me, of that I see. To ward away my fright. I think mom knows; I love her so. Sweet dreams for me tonight. I've no sin, God tuck me in. The sandman will guide my way. My day is done; I've had my fun. It"s time to rest this day.

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    Loved this! Reminded me of my children... you've really captured a moment here!
    Thanks again Kerri. Your very kind to say so.
    Very nice.
    Another ringer! Well done.
    Another good poem.