Wronged Woman

Poem written by Blood_Black_Rose on Wednesday 4, March %21

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Re-Written By Pirate60 - My original was lost when the den crashed

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Why do I bother even though I am right. I am still on the wrong end, shall I give up the fight? Saying no more in the darkened gloom. Silent the tongue, as a cold daunting tomb. Hidden and unseen, muted in voice. Is this to be me; should I make this choice? No! That is not I; never shall it be; No more tears shall I cry, my voice shall ring free. We may seem like a couple, married for years; Two stubborn Grey outlines, reflected in mirrors. Can he be right, when I am too? Can there be common ground for us to bare new? Just remember I was correct, and not just according to me; And I shall to hear his voice, And listen... Maybe <img class='smiley' style='width:20px;height:20px;' src='../../images/smiley/smile.svg' alt='Smile'>

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  • I wish I could have found the original draft file for you. I even went through all my old emails on file.
    - March 04 2015 22:12:18
    • Its ok pirate. this one was rejected on the other site anyways.
      - March 05 2015 06:57:46
      • Any reason why??? It was very good.
        - March 05 2015 10:17:09
        • couldnt understand a thing they said
          - March 05 2015 11:18:32
          • This is really good. Who knows why sites reject submissions? Their reasoning is strange at times.
            - March 05 2015 15:33:12
            • This is relatable. Many couples would connect. A good picture.
              - March 07 2015 15:32:02