Love Oneself

Poem written by ewenart on Monday 2, March 2015

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Love is indescribably omnipresent...who can understand; but all of us are gratefully fortunate: Amen!

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Love Oneself Love oneself, with others to embrace:- keeping love in mind, within your heart, when loved-ones need, say face-to face; shared among family; friends take part! When you and self fall deeper in love... a closer bond, than anyone's thus felt; this deeply felt warmth can't move ~ that love's enduring, never to melt.! Embracing's not the ultimate bond; single spirit/composed of you both: so, until your wife sails 'life's-pond' you and yourself are as if: 'betroth'! Loving self, and free to love 'other' ~ so this fondness, practiced 'n' honed; treat all now as your sister/brother, future marriage may be 'well-toned'. Love, wisdom, and good humour set, count/live blessings: in daily practice the trilogy is's human as one can get: lifelong loving: and grief we'll MISS. Life's tale, may be short/eternal story; holy religions, 'mythical-tales' may say, just won't know until we pass ~ sorry... if tale's wrong, just maybe ''Hell-to-pay''! Each new day: fresh beginning of a life, daily blessings, insurances, all received... ensure each day is free of all the strife life clearly, presented and perceived! Amen. E.A.M

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    Very good. A great outlook to possess, and well presented.
    I really liked this.

    I loved this phrase - "Each new day: fresh beginning of a life" - completely summed the whole piece up for me, and one I will take away with me Smile
    Definitely a poem worth self reflection.