Unaware Alpha, Chapter 2, Pack...sort of

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Wolf story

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I travelled far each day, not knowing where I was going but knew I would know once I was there. The he wolf still followed me but now he was joined by another. The one from the lake. They didn't try to attack me or interrupt me as I moved around but still they followed close behind. I tried to loose them a few times but it was a waste of time now there were two of them, one of them would always find me and howl to the other. So now I just ignored them. I wasn't a hundred percent sure when she joined us, one day she was just there. Out hunting I saw something I really wanted but knew on my own I wouldn't stand a chance. I snorted. This was going to cost me, doing what I was about to do would mean I had accepted them and we would be a pack. I walked over to them as they lay beside a fallen log, I touched noses with both of them and started to walk away. Both responded and jumped up and followed. Then they saw what I wanted and they wagged their tails. It was an elk I sort after and I wasn't about to let it get away. I took the lead and he behind me to the left and she behind him but to the right. We had our own little triangle going and to look at us, you would have thought we had always been together. I ran towards the animal first and surprisingly it just stood there and watched me. The elk lowered its huge antlers at me, forcing me to stop in front of it. It grunted and stomped its feet trying to scare me away, but as it had all its attention on me, the other two had split up and gone behind it. I knew it would take them a while to get in position so I played with the beast. One step forward, three steeps back. Almost like a dance. The elk seemed confused on what I was doing but watched me intently. Then once I saw the others I sat down and waited. The elk cocked its head sidewards wondering what I was doing and then the other two burst out from behind it and grabbed a back leg each. The elk was so startled it kicked out in all directions and caught the female by surprise making her let go. But once she was over the shock she grabbed back onto the leg she had before, causing the flesh to rip and squirt blood all over the place and then I knew it was my turn to join in and take the beast down. As I dashed forward the beast turned and I missed getting in and grabbing a chunk myself. The elk started to spin around trying to get to the other two but they were protected by its own body. I tried to come from the opposite side but stepped on a stick which gave me away and the elk swung its head towards me, just missing me with its antlers. I jumped back and waited. Then the beast started spinning around again and the female lost her grip. As she let go she ended up rolling down a small hill. She was laying down, her grey fur covered in blood. She raised her head but was rocking side to side a little bit, I think she was dizzy from her tumble and that's when the beast attacked her. I howled trying to warn her but it was to late and the beast rammed her with his antlers. She yelped and limped away slightly but the beast was mad and followed her. I ran to her and stood in front of her and growled and protected her with my body. The beast was again startled and that"s when I attacked. I jumped forward and grabbed onto its throat and didn't let go. It started to spin again but this time luck wasn't on the elks side. It had stumbled into a rabbit hole and as it tried to spin again, it broke its whole front leg with a deafening crack. It wailed with what breath it had left and then slumped down and that was the end of that. I let go as did the male wolf and we both ran to the female still laying on the ground. The he wolf who I had suddenly named Tank because he was so big, stood back a bit and waited for me to check out the she wolf I had yet to name. The she wolf whimpered and held her back left leg close to her body. I nudged her leg with my nose and she yelped and growled at me, which i snapped my jaws back at her and she quietened down. I saw why she was getting nippy. Her leg had a huge hole in it but she would live and be very sore for a long while as it healed. I licked her wound clean and then left her to start eating. I wasn't use to pack life and so I let her be. I didn't think I could help her any more than what I had, yet Tank snuggled up beside her and rested his head on her back and kept an eye out. It took some time for the female to heal but soon she was up and about and helping with hunts again. I still wasn't really a pack wolf and slept apart from Tank and the female. But they seemed to be fine with this arrangement. Winter was finally coming to an end and the flowers and babies started to emerge. Over the time I had been with the other two, I had noticed that they would disappear every now and then for a few days. I missed them during these times but they always seem to find me no matter how far I roamed, not that I showed them I missed them but I think they knew some how. Out exploring we came across a large open area and there wasn't any shelter as far as the eye could see. I was about to lead our group else where when the female pricked up her ears and suddenly run out into the open. She came to a stop short of the middle and howled. Tank took off after her. I rolled my eyes and followed suit. I soon found out why the female was howling. Before us all was a young male wolf, he was white with patches of grey running through his fur. As I looked down at the wolf I could see he was badly hurt. Blood stained his coat and scars were all over his body as well as fresh wounds. He wasn't looking well and I thought it would be best to leave him to die in peace. I walked off a bit and Tank soon followed but the female refused to move. She nudge and licked the wound wolf and soon she finally saw him move and yelp with excitement. I again rolled my eyes and walked back to the male and nudged his nose with mine accepting him to our group although I didn't think he would survive long. I walked off and lay down by myself and watched and waited to see what the other two would do. The female never left his side as he lay there but Tank took off and soon came back with a duck. I wasn't sure where he got it and I didn't really care. First he offered it to me but I turned my nose up at it. Then he offered it to the female, who took it but lay it before the smaller wolf. His nose twitched and his eyes opened. He tried to get up but was unable. The wounded wolf I had named Scar tried to eat but had no strength to rip the bird apart. I watch the female then rip the bird apart and lay each piece before Scar and slowly ever so slowly, he ate. At that point I had found the perfect name for the female and it was Nurse. Nurse, Tank and Scar all slept together and I on the outskirts as always. After a few days Scar started to move around, I still didn't think he would survive but I gave him credit for trying his hardest. After a week I decided it was time to move on and now that Scar was on his feet we could travel onward, sure not fast or far at the moment but at least it was something. I still didn't understand why these three still followed me but they did and I guess I welcomed the company...sometimes. Having been on my own for so long it was still hard to believe that I had others with me. Scar slowly grew in strength and in size and soon he was as big as Nurse, who was still smaller then me and Tank. At the end of spring I decided it was time for Scar to learn his place in our group and see what he could do now that he was well and surprised me by surviving. We went along and Scar was stuck to Nurse's side as normal and I thought it was time he moved to the back of our group. I stopped our group and nipped at Scar, who seemed confused and looked to Nurse but then she to nipped at him. It took a while but he soon found where I wanted him to go and stay as we walked. We had been moving further south west and found ourselves in a thick forest abundant with food. I liked it here and hadn't smelt another wolf. This I thought would be home for us. I started marking trees with my scent and the others did the same but never over mine and never more then mine and I didn't know why. I guess it didn't matter. All I knew was this land was now ours. We hunted that night and Scar came with us but stood back and watched as I thought he might. Soon enough the three of us had brought down a young female elk. As normal I was the first to eat and each time Scar tried to come over, the other two would growl at him. I didn't understand why they did this at each meal but I didn't care as long as my belly was full, I was happy. After I was done I stood watch over everyone and once they were done, I walked over and for the first time ever since being with them i snuggled down and slept with them. Now we were a true pack.

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  • This is a very good chapter. Excellent imagery. You capture the feeling of the wolves becoming a pack very well.

    You do have some errors. A good editing will catch them and allow you to clean them.
    - March 02 2015 20:10:49