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Story written by Don Roble on Friday 20, February 2015

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As they approach Robin Hood, Rob notices Gay dePoof with a woman. He looks at Little John and says to him,"That's the end, it is. 'im? Not me? Kill me. Put me free of my misery." "Nay, Gay dePoof is only trying it to see what the bloody fuss is about. I see where thou doth come from, though. Bloody waste of a woman. Now, let us be seeing Robin 'ood, my good man." Little John wouldn't have minded killing him, though. That would put the Merry Men out of their misery as well as most of the women. Robin Hood was sitting with Maid Marion as they approached. Robin Hood stood up and told Little John to have a seat. Robin Hood didn't like Little John standing and making him look small. He didn't invite Rob to sit. "I say, Rob, I 'ave a quest for ye. Not for me exactly so much as for Maid Marion." Rob looked Maid Marian and would have sworn she winked at him. Him! He fell in love with her. He would do anything for her. He would die for her. "I want ye to go to the Land Of Enchantment and-" "Are ye bloody mad? No man 'as gone there and returned. I'll not be the first. Want ye to know why? Because I will not try. There." This woman may have Robin Hood wrapped around her little finger but he wasn't Robin Hood. Wait, that doesn't sound right even in my head. "Oh, Rob, thou dost break my heart. I so thought thou was the one man I could depend on for 'elp", the lady said. "Well, I could go if it be important to thee." Oh, crap! "Good show, my good man, bloody good show. Now, be forewarned that ye may well come upon The Lady of the Lake. Take care, Rob. Do not take, or try to take, liberties with 'er. If ye do she will rip ye gonads off and give them to 'er dogs to play with." Robin Hood wanted Rob to be aware of the danger he faced. He wanted him to worry about it. "Oh, tish and tosh. I 'ave yet to meet a woman I could not 'andle. I-" "Ye 'as confidence ye should not 'ave. Not if history be believed", Little John said. "I 'ave great confidence in ye, Little John. With ye at my side-" "Me? I shant be with thee. I wouldn't go for all the gold in the world. I am not ye." Rob must be goofy to think Little John was going there. "Okay, I'll go." "Good show, lad! Bloody good show! They will sing great ballads of ye. Alan-A-Dale will make ye famous. Well, mayhaps not Alan_A-Dale. He doth not like thee. "Little John, show Rob the star he must follow to the Land of Enchantment." to be continued

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    I love the dialog, you do a good job at this. Its something i myself struggle on. Can't wait to see where this goes.
    This is getting good. I wonder what sir K of osy, I mean Rob, is going to get into with the lady of the lake. lol. Can't wait to read the next installment.
    There is no Sir K of Osy. Rob does not come from any type of royalty no matter if he claims too.
    I have used certain resources of the time to construct this story. Such as:
    The Nottinghan News
    The Chronicles of Will Scarlet
    Notes of Friar Tuck
    Na na na na, na na na na, Hey, hey , hey, goodbye Rob by Alan -A -Dale
    Pleasant Peasants by Prince John
    Knuckleheads I've Known by Little John
    Rob first has to get to the Enchanted Land before he can, umm, try to , well,interact with The Lady of the Lake.
    The next part deals with the journey.

    Because of certain issues it might be a few weeks for Part Four to come out.
    lol Wasn't the Lady of the Lake the fay who took Arthur to Avalon? Oh well. Good job, Don!
    Well, kt, as I depart on a quest of my own, let me say this. Who are you going to believe? I say Rob may, or may not, interact with The Lady of the Lake. Some say it was a Arthur.
    It was great to read some of your work after so long, Don! 'Oh, thou dost break my heart with your fantastic dialog'. I'm looking forward to catching up properly. Nicely done Wink.
    I can't help but think how amazing this would be acted out. It reads like a script almost. I enjoy this