Critical Review written by hadeesahcliq on Thursday 19, February 2015

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It's a poem that speaks about one's expression to a friend.

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A good friend, is hard to find A rare gem, is difficult to mine My journey to find, a consenting mind, A listening ear, never ends, When a miracle, was birthed, Out of my struggles, like collision, Our ways was forced together. Our eyes have once, Make that doubtful contact, Locked in the depth of our heart. Our thoughts have raced, to nest, So closed, to each other. You've helped me, many ways Advice, you've given, many days Timed is a must this time, your story, I'll tell to my unborn.

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    I like this, although i cannot fully grasp the rhyme scheme. Good concept
    Timed is a must this time, your story,
    I'll tell to my unborn.
    - this part I don't understand.

    This is a nice piece of work.
    Actually, there is no any intended rhyme scheme @Darkfire

    That line sir, I was talking about not losing the memories of times together, and also sharing those moments with my future child(ren) @DonRoble
    Quite nice. Well thought out. Perhaps you should reformat as more of a free verse, as there is no rhyme scheme.
    I agree w/ KT it reads more as free verse poetry. Good attempt. Smile