The DOSCO Files: Part 1 - Induction (Reboot)

Sci-Fi Story written by LawMatheson on Monday 16, February 2015

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I took all the advice that I got and I tried to compile it and create a NEW first chapter to my series. I know this has gone on a minute, but once the first chapter is hammer head good, the others shouldn't be too hard. Marvel can reboot Hulk 8 times, can't I redo it once? ;p

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(the first few hundred words or so are the same, if not tidied up, but then the story takes a drastic turn. I took all the help and criticism that I got and tried to make a better chapter one. I started to look at the scene differently, and it seemed anti-climatic that this hate group would be waiting around, but they just scream at the main character and his new friend. I don't think the new scene is anti-climactic at all now. In fact, the mystery that ensued, seemed like it was meant to be from the beginning. I enjoyed writing this, I hope that you enjoy reading it.) Main Street was lit up by the time the bus rolled into New City, Maine. This far north of Boston, not too many travelers were aboard the Greyhound. Which was fine by me, while you could meet some of the coolest people, you could also meet the craziest too. A risk I didn't feel like taking today. While waiting for a bus in Port Authority, one time in NYC, this French Canadian kid told me a story of how a man tweaked on a bus and killed his seatmate. Not only that, he decapitated and then started eat the other, and no around one said anything. That about killed my desire to travel, even if it had the ring of an urban legend. Eventually the threat of decapitation lost out to my desire, my need to travel. I decided to try moving on again, and I knew after three years of avoiding it, I was finally going to go to Maine. Which is how I ended up here. Although New City isn't one of those classic Maine coastal towns, at least off the Atlantic, it is surrounded on three sides by two rivers and a lake. It also has that homey, journey has ended, far northern feel. It was only the beginning of September, yet already the night felt cool, and the air had the early scent of impending autumn. It smelled terrific. I was looking forward to seeing the famous Maine falls. I didn't know if the leaves had started to change color yet, as it was dark, but I figured fall was still a month away. As the bus came to a halt, putting on it breaks, the driver killed the engine and announced New City over the PA. Everyone got up, stretched a little, and made their way to the front, creating a small line. Voices from the outside attracted my attention. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked to be a group of nine to eleven Caucasians gathered in a circle, holding picket signs. I tried to read what they said, but all I could see were the letters 'S', 'F', 'N'. I didn't know what they stood for, but the people outside sure seemed passionate. I stood up, stowing my book away in my bag that I grabbed from the over-head compartment. It was all a fluid motion, clearly practiced. The old man across the way scooted over slowly, and stood up cautiously, envious of my youth. I smiled politely, and fixed my ear buds as I walked to the front of the bus with everyone else. The line moved slower than I was used to while people exited, and it wasn't even a red eye travel time. I paced impatiently from foot to foot in the luminous blue floor lighting, behind a black woman. I only specifically noted that she was black, because I could finally read the signs outside. 'SFN', Spics, Fags, and Niggers. My face grew red even while reading it, and I could sense the older woman in front of me stiffen, as she too, read the banners. How rude?! Inner city I expected this dumb, bigoted, white supremacy group shit. I had really hoped to get away from all that religious nonsense when I moved here though. I shook my head, no getting around it, it seemed. My heart instantly went out to the woman in front of me, as much as I tried to suppress the empathy. She was the only African-American descendant in sight, everyone else on the bus, myself included, was Caucasian. Many of those people around us would never know what it was like to be different, to not quite fit in, to have some innate flaw that sets you apart permanently. I was not most people though. I am average however, everything about me. I measured in around 5'10'', at about 150 pounds after I gorge myself, with unremarkable blondish brown hair. The only thing remotely noteworthy about me are my green eyes, they seemed to soak in light, and glow it right back. My friends back home used to joke and say I had glow in the dark eyes, of course I don't, but no more on them anyway. All that was in the past. Even if I appeared average, that didn't mean that I had to act that way too. No one else on the bus was likely to help this woman out, so I would have to do it. I haven't had any friends recently. It wasn't because I didn't want them, so much, but that I just couldn't stop traveling. It was hard to make friends when you didn't slow down or stop for anything. The least I could do is to help this woman. "Hey, if you want to step behind me, I can block their view on the way out." I offered in hush tones. The squat woman in front of me didn't stop moving at first, but then abruptly turned around to face me. Her eyes were wide with terror, tearing up. She doesn't look surprised, scared, but not shocked. She gave me a once over quickly, before judging my good-naturedness, at least I hoped. Stepping aside, she let me get past. The woman was probably in her late forties, early fifties, but had reached the age well. Her dark skin showed some wrinkles, but only that of wisdom. Her hair was short, and she had them tastefully rolled to look like little pyramids all nice and symmetrical across her head. She was a little stockier, but her wide hips only made her appear bigger than she was. She flashed a white toothed smile of appreciation as I moved in front of her. Together we made our way to the front of the bus, and then turned to leave. I stood tall at the top of the steps, while the woman hunched. I didn't know what this hate group's aim was, but it pissed me off that there were still so many racist ass holes in the world. My heart started to beat rapidly. I never usually put myself on the line like this. The front of the bus finally emptied out the bi-fold door, opening up in front of me. I didn't rush as I descended the few stairs, I needed the woman to keep up pace naturally behind me. As was habit, I evaluated my surroundings and took in possible escape routes, all without missing a beat, or giving away what I was doing. I had been at this a while. The large group was all gathered around the old bus stop sign not far across the street. The bus had pulled up to the left curb because the road was a one way, and didn't look heavily used. "We ain't got no rum fer no spics, fags, or niggers." One man yelled, his mouth full of holes. As a group they began to glide forward towards us. I realized that the woman and I were two of the last people to get off. Only the old man behind us, still hobbling off the big vehicle, was left. The group was definitely growing closer, but their movements were dance-like, slow from practice. There were two possible exits, either end of the one way street. However, behind the bus, the way we came, I could see a few people in the shadows. Probably more of their lackeys watching and acting as back up. "Go back to your kind!" A female shrieked, drawing attention to the woman and me. We had been spotted. I wheeled around, pissed off. I went to glare at the one who spoke, but there were three or four possible women it could have come from. Seeing their snarling faces staring back at me made me feel distinctly uneasy. Sweat started to trickle down the side of my face, despite the lack of any real warmth. Thinking quickly, I pieced the evidence together. It seemed highly unlikely that this crowd of people would gather on some random September night just hoping that someone they hated would come to town. Coupled with the fact that the woman behind me wasn't truly phased by the hate groups presence I would say that this was planned. Either she knew it would happen, or had highly suspected. "This doesn't concern either of you two. Leave." A raving man screamed. Movement behind me startled my thoughts. It was the older gentleman, who made off faster than what I would have expected. I went to move too, but caught myself. I turned back to the woman who was all alone in a crowd of people that openly hated her. I didn't want to stay, everything inside me hollered to get out. "Leave the animal killer to answer her own sins!" Someone screamed. "Answer to your dark sins doctor! We know what you did!" Someone else yelled. "You should go." The woman whimpered out, meeting my eyes for a second before dropping them to the dirty pavement. That made my mind up. But I was going to have to pretend to be someone else for this job though. If traveling alone had taught me anything, it was adaptability and survival. This was a 'boss' fight though, I would have to bring my A game. "What's your fucking beef bitch?" I yelled all cocky-like at the woman accosting us. My speech was slow and meticulous, each word cutting. I had wanted to leave, the woman had told me to. That's all it took, others in my situation would have gone, leaving this woman to her own defense. I was different, here was the proof. Others from the bus stopped to stare. My heart beat faster. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I could feel that something was going down. The crowd around us grew feeling the same thing as me. "Don't you dare talk to a respectable young woman in my congregation like that again!" The man that stepped forward was burly, and serious. "Jack, leave the boy alone. He has nothing to do with this." The lady behind me addressed the giant of a man. I would usually never let things get this far, I don't like to be noticed, but I never had friends to stick up for, or get in fights with before. I wasn't sure why I had let things go so far this time, but I felt empathy for the older woman. However, if I was totally sincere, I would admit that I kind of liked it. If it didn't scare the shit out of me, being this outnumbered. "Don't address me like we're friends, filth. You brought unnecessary pain into our beloved city. It was good when you left. I thought we made it clear you ain't welcome back." The giant, Jack, menacingly shot back. I wasn't one to confront trouble, but I had adopted a certain city slang in order to come across as thug, like I was tougher than I appeared, it had helped save my skin a few times. I hoped this would be like those past times. I wasn't stupid though, you couldn't hope your way through tough situations, you had to learn and grow. My past confrontations may have ended badly for me, but this time I was going to bite back. I didn't know why the group was so upset with the woman I was sticking up for, but at this point I didn't give a shit if she had killed animals, whatever that meant. This was no way to exact justice. What can I say, I have a weak spot for underdogs. I took in the group that I had counted at 11, but now seemed so many more. I even noticed people gathering to watch from across the street. I guess everyone wants a show. Alright. "Just let-" I looked to my side quickly. "Lacreshia. My name's Lacreshia." The older woman whispered. "Let Lacreshia and I go. The police are going to notice a confrontation like this." I tried to sound confident. "Very revealing." Jack rubbed his square jaw line with his right hand, evaluating me. What did I say?! "The pigs aren't likely to bother us, not us." He sneered, his cronies laughed with him. "You aren't from around here, and you don't know the Death Doctor. What business do you have in our city?" Marked as an outsider. In five minutes. Less than five minutes, by half the population. So much for starting a new life over here. I would just have to catch the next Greyhound out of town. Cover stories weren't usually hard for me to come by, but with a large gathering leering down at me, it was nearly impossible. What was I doing here?! Honestly?! "Loose minded and siding with the enemy, I should have expected as much just from looking upon you. You may bear the skin of God's Chosen, but you aren't one." The barrel chested man breathed out, the insult coming to his summons effortlessly. Stupor or not, outnumbered or not, intimidated or not, I was getting freaking irritated at the way this man came across so condescendingly. What did he think, he was the mayor? Shit, what if he is the mayor? It shouldn't matter, this wasn't legal. "My aunt is involved in NPR in New York City, I will broadcast what kind of injustice is going on here, and you will have the press breathing down your neck as soon as you leave your double-wide trailers." I lied. "We are God's chosen people! You will bow to us one day!" The raving man from before hollered totally lost in his beliefs. Jack held the smaller man back. "There, there Paul, no used trying to explain it to the Damned." My face flushed with heat, he clearly meant me. "Animal slaughterer!" A few shrieked out. "Take your own poison Death Doctor!" It started with one, but several chanted it too. I was about to say something when Jack stepped forward, "Enough talk." and planted his meaty fist into my right eye socket. Spinning, I hit the ground. "You devils should be ashamed of yourselves, you're what's wrong with the world today!" The woman screamed, empowered by me being on the ground. This is it. A classic survival scene from my life. Fight or flight. Game on. It was like playing Russian Roulette, only this time the odds were greater, and the outcome not instant, but a slow creeping realization. I spit blood onto the pavement where I had come to rest. Distracting my movements with my right hand, I made it seem like I was struggling to support myself. Secretly my left hand fumbled with my hidden knife compartment. I had designed it myself in the bottom off my backpack. From the angle I was at though, too much weight was being put on it from inside, so I wouldn't be able to grab it and hide my motions. Like a good Eagle Scout that I am, I was prepared. Plan B. Lacreshia came over to help me, holding her hands up to her mouth, when I jumped up, and abandoned the act. Using my left hand to reach into the right strap of the back pack, I removed a hidden thin metal strip used to break into cars and homes. With fingers deftly holding the strip of metal, ignoring the cut it was giving me, I slashed out at my attacker. The strip wobbled in the air a little and instead of going for his face, it sliced a line across his neck and jaw line. Blood sprayed out as the strap raced through the air. I drew blood. I drew blood! I may have been jumped before, but it didn't mean I was used to doing the beating. I faltered back, the man grabbed his neck. Did I just kill him?! "Grab the fagot! He hurt Jack!" I looked down to the end of the metal, only the very tip of the corner had any blood on it. I looked back up, as Lacreshia screamed, and I went down. Someone had grabbed me from behind, latching onto my backpack. Nothing I wasn't prepared for. I had completely customized my bag to my purposes. It literally couldn't be replaced in the whole world. I pulled a tucked away cord, and both straps on the bag unattached themselves from the top of the backpack, untangling me. I pulled free, the man going down in a crumple with my possessions. Unplugging my headphones I quickly clipped on a weighted razor that I had fit to the end of my rope-like ear buds. Securely locked in, I swung it around me clearing a circle about five feet wide. I had intentionally got the longest cord I could find. Music pumped out of my front pants pocket, it was a defect in my cell, it should stop when headphones are removed. I was glad that it didn't this time. Hunched down in middle of a clear circle surrounded by enemies, in a brand new city, New City, to be exact, with music blaring from my pocket I held back the crowd. Sweat poured down my face now, from nervous as much as adrenaline. Lacreshia wailed again, they were trying to pull here away while I was distracted. I will admit, I felt in my element. Thinking on my feet is my favorite way to make decisions, you can't have regret, just hindsight. Lacreshia was struggling kicking her legs skirt flying, but there were two men and a woman yanking her. I reached for my pocket knife from my sprawled out bag, revealing its hiding spot, and hucked it. I am not much of a shot, and it wasn't even a knife meant to be thrown, but it worked. First it collided, butt end near the temple, on the asshole woman's face who first accosted us, and then second, cut the man next to her on its descent. Lacreshia pulled free and sprayed the last man in the face with what I presume was pepper spray, as he cried out in sheer agony. Loud foot crunching sounded from my 6 o'clock. I wiped my razor cord out behind me, and felt it catch something. I spun around and yanked the cord back. Blood came with it. A man went down, holding his leg above the knee. I had taken out a chunk! I swallowed back my small victory as three more from the crowd surged forward, they seemed never ending. Where are the police in this damned town?! I braced for the next onslaught as a gun shot went off. My heart virtually stopped. I dropped to the ground. I wasn't hit, I didn't think. I had only heard a gunshot like that once before, in a similar situation, and it ended in death. My mind flashed back to it. A second and then quickly a third shot rang out. The crowd quickly dispersed, everyone running around in chaos, screaming, fleeing, panicking. The worst possible thing that you could do. My face paled, my body went limp. Memories flashed before my senses. Not just sight. I could hear that moment all over again, smell it, feel it, taste it. My mind welled up. I was useless. Suddenly I was dragged, by whom and to where, I was uncertain. The only thing I know that I did was grab my bag, if my life meant anything, what was inside was it. As a full panic attack took hold, someone scrambled me to safety, ducking from car to car.

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