Pieces Of Eights

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 13, February 2015

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Gold and silver be our plunder, Fit for kings, by shore and thunder. Weigh the anchor, we sail, mates. In search of treasure and pieces of eights. From Demon's Gate, and beyond it's bay. Two pillars like horns, they points the way. Head south by west as the seagull flies. The full sails north, where the white whale dies. Stove your tongue for the Kraken here dwells. Tis a beastly horror under the Siren's spells. Ahead be darkness as the blackest soul. That be Lands End and our ultimate goal. Where Davy and Calypso, hoard their gain. Tis greater than the riches of the Spanish Main. We takes whot loot we can fill in our keel, Lest not be caught fer death be the deal. Make haste now mates ta turns tail and run. No help will come from cannon nor gun. With a tempest in our sails run swift and true. Till well out to sea where the waters tis blue. Port be our start, the bay at Demon's Gate. There we can spend our pieces of eights.

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    Now, this is the pirate!
    Okay, where is the rum? And Captain Barbosa?
    Hoist the sails! This is awesome.
    Thanks DF