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Story written by Don Roble on Tuesday 10, February %18

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Rob and Robin Hood and his Merry Men

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Rob Part Two Rob was standing back away from the party that Robin Hood and his Merry Men- and women- were having. They were all drinking mead and feasting and drinking mead and dancing and drinking mead and going into the bushes. Into the bushes. Rob thought about that and got a reaction. For one moment, one horrible, shameful moment, he wondered if anyone was watching the goat shed. "I say, lad-" This startled Rob to the point he fell flat on his butt. Little John reached a hand down to help him up and couldn't help but notice that Rob was reacting to something other than being startled. "'ere, 'ere, lad, I didn't not mean to startle ye so. I say, old boy, did I interrupt something or are ye hiding a ham in your britches? If you are you could have put that small thing- well, lad, umm. Well, hmm- ." "Umm, uh, no, umm, I, uh-" "Never ye mind. Robin 'ood sent me to find you. He wants to speaketh to ye." "Me? He never wants to talketh to me unless there's trouble with something I said or did." "Too true, lad, too true. I do not believeth that Master Robin liketh ye much. This bloody muff-up with Alan-A-Dale pissed 'im off. I thought Alan-A-Dale would kill ye when ye asked if he and his 'lady of the night' were 'aving a good time. Good thing Friar Tuck-" "I meant 'lady of the evening'. I slippeth up." "You bloody well did. He smashed 'is lute on ye 'ead. Enough! Robin 'ood wants to see ye. Let us make 'aste. Pip-pip and all that. He would like to spend some, er, time with Maid Marion. Maiden, my arse. Let us move swiftly to him, avoiding Alan-A-Dale." To be continued

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  • Alan-A-Dale, Now there's a name most never heard of... A minstrel Aye. Wasn't he played by a cock... I mean rooster, in the Disney version of Robin Hood? LOL. And the story goes on.
    - February 10 2015 18:57:21
    • I like these little snippets
      - February 10 2015 22:35:49
      • lol. Does Alan get a new lute?
        - February 13 2015 20:03:04
        • Hmmmm, starting to wonder whether 'Rob' is me after all, Don. I mean, how would you know my 'ham' is small? Maybe you and Pirate share a third eye (ooer). I mean, he can see Mad Hatter's (or Miss Dartit's) back and you can see my 'ham'. This all feels a bit wrong!

          I love the way you mix up the language to great comedy effect. But I promise you, Don; blokes from Nottingham would never say 'talketh' or 'eth' in general, though they do like to wear tights.........

          Okay, I'm distancing myself from Nottingham.

          Great stuff, Don.
          - February 13 2015 20:44:05
          • Well, Rob, you can't change history.
            - February 13 2015 23:41:08
            • I have never met Mr Kosy, yet he fits perfectly in this story. I like the way you continue this, it makes my interest peak for the next part.
              - February 16 2015 00:01:27