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Rob Part One Robin Hood was taking his spring bath in the river when he saw what looked to him like a turd floating past. He saw that it was a very large turd. He jumped out of the river and screamed,"Rob!" He had told Rob time and time again not to crap upstream. He also told him to try to stay downwind as much as possible. It seems Rob had a flatulence problem. When Robin Hood got back to the camp he called for Rob. When Rob came over he looked clean and so did his clothes. Robin hood had to ask,"Rob, where didst thou gettith thy clothes? Ye usually wear some raggedy old garbage ye stole o' a scarecrow." Rob told him he had robbed a rich merchant on the road. The clothes were a little baggy but , then, so was his body. Robin Hood asked why he was all dressed up when he had no place to go. Rob said, "Be beggin' ye pardon. I 'ave a hot date tonight if ye must know." "I'm Robin Hood. I always need to know. Who, pray tell, would be seen with the likes of ye." "Why, it be that woman tied to that tree over there." "Rob, we 'ave spoken of thus many a time. You can't just kidnap a woman and try to woo 'er! It doesn't work and makes ye out to be a cad, sir." "Alright, I'll let her go. Seems we ought to 'ave extra women 'ere." To be continued.

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  • LOL I can see this is going to be good and funny. Can Sir K have a turn at part 2?
    - February 06 2015 00:10:57
    • Sounds like the beginning of a horribly funny tale. Can't wait to read more.
      - February 06 2015 00:17:26
      • Sounds like a night at the club except instead of being tied to tree, the gal is cornered in a... Well, corner. Pfft fun and er gross at the same time... Hehe. 😁
        - February 06 2015 02:40:13
        • Wow! aside from the medi-evil, Sherwood forest setting, you got me down to a T, Don. Of, course after drugs or a tazer I would have tied the wench to a lamppost not a tree and the turd would have been floating in the local swimming baths (after speeding down the water slide) from which I kidnapped her.

          Oh, and by the way, I don't have a flatulence problem; everyone else considers my flatulence a problem, but I don't.

          This was great, Don. I'm chuffed.
          - February 06 2015 21:42:50
          • Rob, you might want to note the "Part One" at the beginning. Is chuff a real word?
            - February 07 2015 00:43:58
            • lmao. On with the story!
              - February 09 2015 12:09:11