Poem written by pirate60 on Thursday 5, February 2015

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Yo-Yo Spin up, spin down; twirl around, Two wheels bound by string. With paint colored bright, even glows in the night, Truly an amazing thing. It's a toy to some, yet I say that's dumb, Why can they not see? It is joy, it is laughter, it is everything there after, It is always there for me. From walk the dog to rock the cradle, Up and over the head, I play all day, in every way, Even taking my yo-yo to bed. It is to me joy and not just a toy, A friend when no ones around. I said what I said; it's now time for bed, With yo-yo I'm dreamland bound.

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    A friend challenged me to write one in 5 minutes. He picked a topic on the spur of the moment and off I went. This is what I ended up with.
    Quite good for 5 minutes and he chose the subject.
    Yup. I thought to myself, A YO-YO??? Where the heck did that come from.
    I reckon that yo-yo really is your best friend, or at least you think he/it is. But that's ridiculous, my piratical pal. A yo-yo could never be your best mucker. Come on, how stupid would he/it feel when other yo-yo's find out? He'd be a laughing stock, wouldn't he! But you don't care.

    In-fact, I can see that poor yo-yo tying itself up over and over again and scraping itself across a pebble-dashed wall in order to disguise itself. Then when you say to it, "are you my yo-yo?' it would reply, 'I'm a frayed knot.'
    LOL. Good thing I have all you guys then. [Pirate grins in a Davy Jones sorta way]
    Well, you came up with something pretty good. Nice work, pirate.
    Haha read yo ho first, got a little confused as I read on. Had to go back and read the title again. A very good 5 minute poem Smile
    An other awesome piece of rhythmic poetry, great job.Grin