Thomas Cat Loo

Poem written by pirate60 on Sunday 1, February 2015

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Thomas Cat Loo Have you heard the tale of a rabbit, whose name was Thomas Cat? You might think this a little strange and I must agree with that. But Thomas you see was adopted, by a feline named Kitty Loo. She saw Thomas in a little basket, and knew what she must do. She took poor Thomas as her son, and watched him as he grew. She knew one day he'd leave the den, and that had made her blue. Thomas had known he was different, after all how could he not. But he had a lot of good friends, one named Iron Pot. Now Iron Pot he was a tortoise, with a shell as hard as stone. When he was young, he was very little, but then he had grown and grown. They hung out with two rabbit friends; one a girl and one a boy. The boy, his name was Peter, while the girl, was known as Joy. They called themselves 'The Cool Four' and I'd agree with that. For cool is what I'd call four friends; two rabbits, a tortoise and a cat. These friends had a dream to be musicians, and so they formed a band. They played each night in a meadow field, and I think that's just grand. Who am I you may ask. Why I am Kitty Loo. And I couldn't be more proud of my kitten, my boy, my Thomas Loo.

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    Thomas knew he was different, after all how could he not.- a ? needed.
    Up to your usual standards.
    @ Don and anyone else- Is that really a question or a statement???
    Good point. Not sure it isn't correct as is.
    It needs a bit of editing to refine the edges. I can see this in a children's book of poems.
    Thanks all. And Yes I plan to add this and several other children oriented rhymes to that e book I had published. I'll look into a bit of refining as I add it to the book. I tend to do that anyways.
    I did a bit of refining. See If I caught everything.
    lol Excellent. Reminds me of some of the songs by the Moody Blues.
    @ KT. I too am a Moody Blues fan. I have only been able to see them in concert once at an outdoor theater during the flood of 1993 in St. Louis MO. Man, was that a good concert. lol
    It was very cute. i enjoyed it.