The Storm

Poem written by pirate60 on Saturday 31, January 2015

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A child's fear

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The Storm It is late at night and in my room, Darkness prevails as a kind of gloom. Whispers the sentinel of events to be. A flash of lightning, outside I see. The quiet is broken by Hell sent thunder. I leap from my bed and there hide under. On pane of glass, the droplets smash. Like hammer on nail, it seems to bash. Out in the vortex of wind and rain. The calm is lost, for Chaos, a gain. With eyes closed tight, I call out my cry. "What have I done, that I must die?!" The answer I receive in a voice so deep. "Damn it Chris, Go back to sleep!" Now reassured, for mom was near, I knew now this storm was nothing to fear.

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    How true! So very true.
    Great! Of course, you didn't have three older sisters to torment you. I still worry about lightning, storms, darkness and The Boogie Man. Lucky stiff.
    This made me smile at the end... pretty funny!
    Thanks everyone. I like to end with a smile so I believe this one works just fine. Aye MH. Don, I should point out I'm from a rather large family of seven brothers and sisters. I of course am smack dab in the middle. Kind of like a cherry in a tall chocolate shake. Mental note- Never comment when you have a sweet tooth and an empty stomach.
    I liked this and can understand it from a child's point of view. Well beside mine, as i have always enjoyed storms even from a young age. The bigger the better and i am still that way till this day.